He Want That Old Thang Back Series: Spin off to She Used To Be The Sweetest Girl

He Want That Old Thang Back Series: Spin off to She Used To Be The Sweetest Girl

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The saying is that time heals all wounds, but for the pair you were first introduced to in “She Used to be the Sweetest Girl,” that saying couldn’t be further from the truth. Pierre, known bachelor of St. Louis and heavy in the streets, is trying to find his way in the love game. His player ways are taking a toll on him and the thought of settling down sounds appealing. But he can’t seem to choose with whom he wants to share his time and bed with. 

About her business and in a happy relationship, Carissa is enjoying her life without Pierre. Their year apart has given her time to evaluate what she really wants in a relationship. Though she was somewhat content, the little voice in her head is telling her that she is settling. Deep down, her heart belongs to Pierre, even though she didn’t want it to. She is about to find out that maybe giving her heart over to someone new was the wrong move.

As these two struggle to grasp the realization that they are not meant to be, you will also be introduced to a couple dealing with issues of their own: that young love, where it’s fresh and fun, but could be toxic if you let it. Cameo’s from Shemel and Brix will be filled throughout the pages and you, the reader, will get to see where his rap career has led their relationship as well.

Some of the hardest decisions to make in life come from being indecisive and not knowing what is best for us. For the couples in this book, one bad decision can make their world change… forever. “He Want That Old Thang Back” is not only a story of love, but one of growth and life lessons. Hopefully, the lessons meant to be learned aren’t taught too late.

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