He's Your Ex For A Reason

He's Your Ex For A Reason


Young and naïve, Shanae settles for the bare minimum from the only man whose ever shown her any type of affection. Losing herself in him, she vowed that the last time was indeed the last time. Too many chances had been given and the respect she had for him was slowly dwindling. Pleading for a sign from God, he gives Shanae one that rocks her to her core leading her into the powerful arms of her childhood crush, Levi.


Kali, a mother of one, is simply fed up. Getting pregnant at twenty-one was never in her plans and neither was having to deal with an emotionally unstable baby daddy for the rest of her life. In a perfect world, she envisioned them under one roof raising their son up to be a king. The reality of that happening is slim to none. Over the single life, Kali pursues a relationship with her a classmate Rondo. Not realizing the struggles that lied ahead while satisfying her desires.


After a break up that causes Layla to question every man’s intentions, her promiscuity heightens. She stopped longing to be accepted and became selfish with her time, placing her needs above all. With the thoughts of being abandoned again, Layla swore off relationships. That is until her smooth-talking neighbor Brody, breaks that barrier she built between them. Somewhat interested in why he’d pursue her, Layla falls hard with no restraints…unleashing years of pain while doing so.


Oftentimes in life, the people we love the most hurt and betray us in ways we’d never imagine. Shanae, Kali and Layla know that all too well. To the woman who has given her unwavering devotion to a man… a man who should’ve never had the privilege to even get close to you, this book is for you.

You deserve more. More than what he’s giving you. More than what you’re allowing yourself to receive. Reclaim your time and your heart. And remember, that man is your ex for a reason…there’s no need to double back.

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