I Was Never Supposed To Love You: Meechi & Erica's Story

I Was Never Supposed To Love You: Meechi & Erica's Story

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Have you ever been put in a compromising position? One where you had to battle between what the heart wants and what your mind needs? Erica battled with the daunting decision of which vital organ she should follow, and allow to lead her love life. Her past relationship with David, better known as D-Rock, her boyfriend of six months, is one she wishes she could erase from her life all together. With a half-guarded heart and fear of letting Meechi completely in, she begins to second guess the love she has for him.         

Mellow and copacetic, Meechi takes things slow with Erica. Aware of the hurt and agony her ex has caused, he becomes the man she needs. Seemingly set in his ways, Meechi had never been the idea candidate for partnership, but once meeting Erica he became a romantic thug. After he laid his charm on thick, Erica is like putty in his hands –or so he thought. With as many losses as he has taken from her ex man, Meechi was certain that this won’t be classified as another. But, as it’s been told, “The heart wants what it wants.”

In this page turning spin-off from “Speechless: When Love Hurts,” series, BriAnn reintroduces the beloved couple. With both parties dealing with situations from their past, trust becomes the missing component in their relationship. The two worlds that were brought together accidentally flourish into something beautiful. Can the so called “enemies” overcome their threatening pastimes, or will they allow the guilt of their reunion compromise what could be the greatest love story ever told?


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