Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story

Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story

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After returning to her hometown, the strikingly alluring Solai Givens was prepared to put her degree to good use and embark upon her professional career. Upon leaving three years prior, her feistiness, and what others assumed to be, privileged attitude, had caused tension in a relationship she was only trying to see flourish. Being bashed for her upbringing, she thought was a thing of the past until she met Juvie. Wrongfully doing so, Solai shuts down any chances of him trying to win her over, but with time comes maturity for some, and she was now overwhelmed with the pressure to rekindle the flame that had long ago been burned between she and Juvie.

Juvie, redefined in every sense of the word, has transformed from the average Joe to the head honcho. After his confidence was shredded at the hands of Solai, unintentionally, he was left with no other option than to boss up! Years have passed in between the two, but their reunion is none other than amazing. However, the tables have shifted, and Solai no longer desires to have him at her side. Being the nigga that he is, Juvie uses the skills that he’s acquired in her absence to try and reel her back in.

Looking on, friends and family of Juvie and Solai both seem to enjoy their reconnection, all while dealing with their own issues at hand. The lifestyles once lived are a thing of the past and they all seem to be struggling to hit the hardball life keeps pitching their way. Love, lust, betrayal, and denial all hit the surface at once, and they are left to question only one person… themselves.

In this gritty, drama-filled hood love story from BriAnn Danae, read along as loyalty is questioned, secrets are being kept, but friendship is the one thing that never wavers. Life is quickly changing around them, and if Juvie and Solai aren’t careful with the decisions they make, the love they seem to yearn for will be the least of their worries.


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