My Heart Was A Fool: Esmin & Greigh's Story

My Heart Was A Fool: Esmin & Greigh's Story


“You made me fall in love, girl. There ain’t no leaving me.” – Esmin


Though he never tried to fight it, Esmin didn’t think his initial attraction to Greigh would be anything more than what she tried to make it; forbidden. Up against a battle to keep her heart, and keep her brother’s out their business, he’s also coming to terms with becoming a dad. A role that his own father lacked in due to incarceration and one Esmin wanted to conquer regardless of his shortcomings.


The undeniable connection Greigh felt with Esmin from the beginning, is much more than she expected it to be. She vowed to never cross the dangerous line that he walked on and went for playing it safe, but those lines were quickly blurred when she became pregnant. Learning to not only love him and the new life growing inside her, Greigh finds herself struggling to balance her life and their relationship.


Falling in love and staying there isn’t an easy task. In fact, falling in love will be downright agonizing for this couple. When life throws a curve ball their way, Esmin and Greigh both must come out swinging at the perfect angle. But, at what price does love cost? And, will it be worth all their efforts in the end to fight and forgive or to let their hearts wander?

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