Sen & Neicey: Life After Love

Sen & Neicey: Life After Love


“I never thought about what life would be like after falling in love.”

Headstrong and as tough as nails, Shanice, best known as Neicey, couldn’t fathom the thought of the four letter word being expressed to anyone besides her mother or brother growing up. Love wasn’t something she yearned for, but when she crosses paths with dangerous rude, and sexy Sensay Giordano by chance, he immediately made her reconsider and throw caution to the wind. After years of dating, going through a breakup, and rekindling the flame, Neicey is ready for more but knows deep down the flame they recently relit will be dimmed by the skeletons in her closet. Though she planned to take the secrets to her grave, they’ll have to be revealed and pulled from the miniscule section of her heart she hasn’t given up to Sen.

With a mouth so reckless, slick bun pulled to the top of his head, and a pocket full of money to pull any woman he pleases, Sensay knows for a fact that he’s that guy. Cocky in his attempt to woo Neicey out of the lace thong he met her in, Sen didn’t struggle a bit. Neicey was just the amount of woman he needed to help calm him down, so he thought. After struggling with commitment, and getting his heart broken, Sen cleans his act up and has been on good behavior since. But, being good can only last for so long. Especially when a man’s heart is involved.

Two damaged, hothead lovers on a mission to win each other’s hearts over completely, realize that they are more dysfunctional than they speculated. Laughs will be shared, tears will be shed, and some hearts will be broken in this riveting, heart throbbing standalone novel. Though love conquers all, handing your heart over to someone in hopes that they’ll mend it comes with consequences. Ones that love can’t withstand.

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