She Used to Be The Sweetest Girl

She Used to Be The Sweetest Girl


Seemingly cursed with a life of treachery and unfortunate events, twenty-four-year old Brix McQueen suffered from more than just a broken heart. Besides the disappearing act of her ex, she had succumbed to the effects of a fatal car accident that left her father lifeless and her mother immobile. Placing her dreams of college and becoming a renowned accountant on the back burner, Brix was forced to up her grind in order to aid both she and her mother’s necessities.

A handsome and charismatic, Shemel “Young Mel” Wright, stumbles across the beautiful Brix and is taken aback. Just as he’s impressed with her hustle and swift tongue, she is intrigued by his appearance and catchy lyrics. Like a fresh fire set ablaze, the young couple captures one another’s heart simultaneously.

Just as always, the affairs begin kosher. However, Mel finds himself at a crossroad. The pressure of leaving the game behind to pursue his career as a rapper weighs heavy on his shoulders. Mel soon concludes that the decision isn’t as easy as supplying a few bricks or jotting the lyrics to his next hit. Along with his family, he is under the scrutiny of his girl, Brix. Once soft-spoken, the now fierce young woman isn’t up for the heartbreak that his evolving rap career will bring.

In She Used To Be The Sweetest Girl, discover if Brix is able to grow a tougher layer of skin and stick by her man as he makes the most crucial decision of his life; or will Mel’s addiction to the fast life cause the pretentious relationship to crash and burn before a decision is even made?

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