I am #1 National Bestselling Author BriAnn Danae. A twenty-four-year-old native of Kansas City, Missouri, my hometown is where I currently reside. During the concluding months of 2015, I began penning my first novel after being an avid reader during my high school and college days. Though the creative writing process was something I was testing, – just for fun – it resulted in the signing to my first publishing company. Only a month post signing, my debut novel, Speechless: When Love Hurts released in January 2016. Since, I've enhanced my catalogue, claiming over 15 titles to date. With the help of my colorful imagination and amazing readers, each tale has marked the Amazon charts as a National bestseller. 

I am a lover of everything romance, what it entails, & beautifully merges complex urban socio-economic realities into my writing, and present my novels in a way readers can relate. Though fictional, I try to grasp the attention of the audience, snatch their breath away with each page, and leave them yearning for more by the end of the book.

A lasting impression is what I strive to leave behind once the readers close out the pages. The Urban Romance genre – as I call it – isn’t just butterflies in your stomach, or dark and gritty, as describe by the internet. My writing can be classified as soul snatching, heart yearning, chest throbbing, and downright some of the most exhilarating literature one could grace their eyes upon. 

There is a message I want to leave with my readers, through the pages of each book. “I don’t just write to tell a story. I write to paint a picture and give a testimony.” Not all will be able to relate, but if I can touch one soul or change one life with my words, those late nights and early mornings are well worth it. And, I hope that my determination and strong will creates a chain reaction for those who want to follow their passion and find their purpose as well.

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