Dyami & Ms. Lindsey

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“Tauria, you know her?” Kai asked before biting into the strawberry she grabbed from her plate of food.

Chuckling, I nodded my head. “She wouldn’t be here if I didn’t Kai. Why? What’s the problem?”

The small get together Dyami & I were hosting at our crib was underway and I was more than happy to be around some close friends of ours. After giving birth to my 6-pound baby Demi Renae Houston five months ago, I felt it was mandatory we had a small gathering. Plus, it was somewhat a housewarming as well.

Polishing off her strawberry, Kai shrugged. “I’m just asking. I know you don’t have many friends, but I’m not feeling the way ole girl is smiling all up in Heize’s face.”

Looking to where Heize was standing, I grinned. “Trust me… she is the last bit of interested in Heize.”

“Mhm. What’s her name since that’s your friend,” she said facing me. I shook my head with a chuckle. Ever since we became good friends over a year ago, we built more of a sisterly bond. And clearly, little sister was being very protective right now. Or, selfish. Either way, her little pout was cute.

“Her name is Erica. She’s best friends with Neicey and happily married with two kids. I think she took her car to the shop a few times,” I answered just as Erica turned around.

“Wait,” Kai chuckled and looked over at me. “She’s pregnant, and here I am tripping.”

“Exactly. You can hardly tell when she’s turned to the side so relax. No one want’s your hard-working mechanic man, but you,” I teased and bumped her shoulder.

“Shit, I better. I’ma make him my baby’s daddy real soon watch,” she laughed, and I joined in but jumped a little when thick arms wrapped around my waist from behind.

“Ya’ll over here talking shit, huh?” Dyami’s velvety voice crooned through my ear before his soft lips pecked the side of my neck. Off his contact alone, my body was set ablaze, and I couldn’t contain the smile on my face.

“You already know,” Kai replied to his question with a smile. “I was just trying to figure out who Erica was, but I know now.”

“She good people. Bought Demi a whole bunch of shit she doesn’t need,” Dyami answered while removing his hands from my waist and tossing his arm over my shoulder.

“Yeah. Her and the twins. My little sisters,” I snickered with a grin.

“Soterio gone marry that young girl watch. His brother around here somewhere,” he motioned, and Kai rolled her eyes.

“Yeah. I met Sen earlier. He’s a little off. I don’t see how Neicey deals with him.”

“The same way you deal with me,” Heize answered smoothly while picking up a pineapple from her plate and popping it into his mouth. “Let me holla at you outside real quick.”

“Right now?” Kai asked.

“You heard that man,” Dyami chimed in.

“Yeah right now. I mean, unless you trying to go somewhere else and talk… there’s plenty of rooms in this mufucka.”

“I think the fuck not. Go outside and see what your man wants girl. If another person gets caught fucking in my house, somebody is catching these hands,” I replied, and Dyami smacked me firmly on the ass.

“Our house. And, chill out. This nigga wasn’t serious.”

Heize smirked, and I knew he was. When I first met he and Kai at Dyami’s 2-year anniversary party for D&H Mechanics, they had just come from the back of the building. Now, I don’t specifically know what had gone down, but after being friends with Kai for some time, I’m sure they weren’t just back there talking.

“Nah, I wasn’t. Looking at Erica’s little belly got me ready to have another one of my own.”

“Yeah… let’s go outside so we can discuss that,” Kai replied and tried to hand me her plate. Her green nails were sparkling and reminded me to schedule my next appointment with Cookie.

“Nah, keep that plate. I may need it,” Heize smirked before turning her away and positioning himself behind her.

I just smiled as they walked away. There was nothing more beautiful than black love. Pivoting in my stance, I wrapped my arms around Dyami’s waist and kissed his chin. Speaking of love, Dyami Houston was my everything. I never really knew love until he came along, and I’m so glad he had.

“What’s up Ms. Lindsey-Houston. You enjoying yourself?” he asked with a lick of his lips, giving me a gentle smile.

“I am. I miss my baby, though. What time is Ula bringing her home?” I asked speaking of his mother.

She was as sweet as the tea I always made and loved her some Demi Renae. My baby was so chocolate with the puffiest cheeks, extremely curly hair, the prettiest gray-ish green eyes, and looked just like her daddy. Thanks to Dyami’s Indian roots, Demi came out the wound with a head full of hair, and it was only getting longer. She hardly took after me, but I was still keeping the faith. 

“She’s keeping her for the night. That’s who I got a call from a few minutes ago.”

Poking my lip out, I pouted. “Fine. Only because it’ll be late by the time everyone heads home.”

“No. It’s because you about to get all this dick when everybody leaves. I love my baby, but she be blocking like a mufucka,” he fussed and gripped me tighter around the waist.

I shook my head with a chuckle. “Oooh, I can’t wait, daddy. How much longer do we have to be hostesses’?”

“Shit, five minutes if you say the word. Everybody is just sitting around eating the food anyway. They can take this shit to go,” he said with a serious expression on his face.

Head tilted back; I let out a good laugh before trailing my hands up to his bearded face. Dyami had the most beautiful skin complexion ever. It was dark, smooth, blemish free and his lips were a few shades darker which made him look even sexier. Instead of the bun he and Sen joked about being a replica of his, he had had his hair in two thick braids I had done the night before.

“Give them twenty, and I’m all yours.”

He lifted his eyebrow in amusement and smirked. “Twenty?”

“Mhm,” I nodded my head.

“Bet. Give me a kiss for some motivation. I’ll have everybody gone in fifteen.”

Laughing, I gave him a generous kiss while he massaged my booty in the pants I was rocking from KlosetEnvy.

“I like these pants on you. Shit, this entire outfit,” he complimented and stroked his beard.

“Thank you. You have fourteen minutes, and you can take it off me.”

Without another word, he took off toward the small crowd of folks in our living room. Laughing, I went the opposite way toward the kitchen to inform our guests. If my sexy gentleman of a man wanted the house cleared, ya’ll better know this house was about to get muthafucking cleared.

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