#FNF Scene from Meechi

Hey! Some of you may have read this in my reading group a while back, but I wanted to make it available for everyone to read. As you know, Sen & Neicey: Life After Love will be dropping soon and Meechi & Erica, along with some other characters will make appearances. I'll try to add one to two deleted scenes a week to keep you guys up to date. 


“Girl. He and Daiya left two hours ago. It’s their thing on Saturdays to go out,” Erica said with a chuckle. 

She had Neicey on the other end, who had called to see what she was up to. Just stepping out of the shower, she had a towel wrapped around her frame, and was running a hand through her low cut curly hair. Though Meechi loved when she grew it out, Daiya was not a fan. She would yank and pull on it very chance she got when she was younger, and Erica did not have the patience for that. Plus, she loved her short cut. 

“It sounds like you jealous to me,” Neicey laughed. 

“That’s my man. Hell, he was my daddy first.”

“Damn right I was,” Meechi’s deep voice called out behind her. 

Jumping out of her skin, Erica turned around with a surprised look on her face, before pure bliss glazed her eyes. Clearly, she hadn’t heard him come in. Licking his lips, Meechi just stood in the door, admiring her frame. Even with the plush towel around her body, her curves were dangerous. After having Daiya, her hips had spread more and her breasts had grown and stayed the size they were while pregnant. 

“Welp,” Neicey chuckled. “That’s my cue to go. Tell Meech I said what's up.”

“Mhm,” Erica mumbled, hanging up the phone. 

Sitting it on the island in the middle of their walk-in closet, she sauntered over to her man. Smitten by his fit for the day, she couldn’t help but smirk. I keep my man fresh, she thought, peeping his fresh pair of Adidas. He loved those damn shoes and Erica was sure to keep him a fresh pair in the closest. He was standing there looking all daddyish and shit. Looking like a treat. His fresh hair cut had her pussy leaking on site.. Snatching the front of her towel, she didn’t even bother to catch it as Meechi pulled her into his warm body. 

“You jealous of my baby?” he asked, raking his fingertips down her back. Emitting chills instantly. 

“No,” she moaned out. He had barely touched her and she was weak in the knees. The smell of his cologne had her ready. Meechi could tell too. 

Swooping her up, he came face to face with the woman he loved more than he loved himself. The woman he’d give his last to, if he could. She had helped him find his purpose. Gave life to his child and loved him for him. A nigga from the streets who was just trying to find his footing. 

“You look so good.” Focused on his bushy eyebrows as he carried her to the island, she couldn’t help but peep the redness of his eyes. He was high as hell. Chuckling, he licked his lips and sat her down. 

“You look good too. Shit, good enough to eat in this mufucka.”

Coming out of his jacket, Erica leaned up on her elbows to watch the strip tease he was giving her. Wasn’t shit slow about it. Meechi had snatched the shirt over his head, and placed it around his neck. Unbuckling his jeans, he pushed those and his boxers to the ground. 

“What you doing with yo shirt?” she laughed, spreading her legs some. 

Grinning, he tugged on his chin hair. “It’s about to get real messy.”

Without a second thought, he dived in head first. He wanted to take his time eating her to oblivion, but he had the munchies like crazy. The sounds of his slurps, the flick of his tongue and the way his mouth suctioned her clit, had Erica palming the back of his head like it was Spalding itself. 

“Yes baaae!” 

She was on the verge of having the most intense orgasm she had had in a while. With Daiya now five, going on fifteen, they hardly had time to get it in. At least, not during the day. Sitting up, Meechi snatched the shirt from around his neck and leaned in to kiss her. Hungrily, she sucked on his bottom lip. Loving the taste of mint gum, weed, and herself on his tongue, she sucked on that too. Breaking their kiss, Meechi’s eyes seemed to be even lower. He was in lust, love and in pure bliss looking at Erica. 

“I fucking love you,” he said huskily, gripping her thighs, pulling her closer to the edge. 

Before she could reply, Meechi slid deep inside of her gushy walls. “Fuck!” His low voice was strained. It felt like he had been swallowed by the damn Pacific Ocean itself. “You super wet.”

“I missed you all day,” she groaned, thrusting her hips upwards.

Delivering nothing but long, deep, earth shattering, soul snatching, baby making strokes; Meechi was in heaven. If he had a choice to be anywhere for the rest of his life, it would be buried deep inside of Erica. There wasn’t a place better he had ever been, nor felt. Not even their thousand-dollar bed he slept on every night. 

Switching his stroke up, he poked at her spot, causing her flood gates to open. Pulling his dick out, he rubbed his mushroom head over her clit in swift motions, making that mess he knew he would. 

“Yeah Ma. Wet this dick up,” he coached, like he always did. He loved when she talked back to a nigga. It only made him go harder. 

“Oh my, shit!” Erica’s head was tossed back. Eyes squeezed tight. Stomach clenched and toes curled, throwing up every gang sign possible. The look and sounds she was making was unbearable and Meechi shot off in her as soon as she threw that pussy back at him. 

Falling over on her, arms draped on each side of her body, he leaned his forehead on hers. Erica wiped the sweat from his brows and placed a kiss to the side of his head. 

“I was your daddy first huh?” he asked, with a chuckle. 

“Sure was. Now I have to share you with two tiny people,” she said, as he caressed her small belly. She was only three months, but Meechi was loving every moment of it; small belly or not. 

“No one else gets this dick though,” he said kissing her lips. “I’m only sharing this with you.”

“Damn right,” she laughed, as he swooped her up. He was headed to the shower and ready for round two.


BriAnn Nero