Brix & Shemel


“AB, baby, you stink,” Mel chuckled, scrunching his nose up.

Giggling at her daddy’s antics, Aria Braylei Wright showed off her bottom two teeth, instantly melting Shemel’s heart. A week shy of her first birthday, Mel didn’t know what to do with himself. His baby girl was growing up quicker than he would have liked, but in his mind, that was just more room for him to knock Brix up. She had been out all day once he returned from the studio earlier that morning, and had only called once to see what they wanted to eat for dinner.  

“All clean,” Mel announced, standing her up. Clapping her hands, he did the same making her break out in a smile.

“Ma, Ma, Ma,” she clapped, making Shemel shake his head.

“Really? She not even here and you applaud her for my hard work?”

“Aww, don’t be jealous baby,” Brix cooed, sneaking up behind him.

Turning around, Brix grabbed Aria from his arms and planted kisses all over her face. Lips stained from the red juice she forbid Shemel give her because it gave her horrible gas, but he was with her for the day, so he gave it to her instead. With a grin plastered on his face, Shemel soaked in the precious moments with his favorite girls. Though he had saw them in action plenty of times, the image never got old to him.

“What ya’ll been doing all day?” Brix asked, as they walked down the steps. “Oh, we have company.”

“Tell her we been in the studio,” Mel laughed, but stopped when Brix gave him a deadly glare. “I’m playing, baby,” he said stepping closer and gripping her tightly by the waist. “You need some dick. Acting all cranky and shit.”

Brix pushed him back with a chuckle as he tried to dip his tongue in her ear. She did need a good dick down. After the shopping she and Carissa had done all day, that would surely put her right to sleep.

“She is not going to be a rapper, Mel,” Brix spoke meaning every word that left her lips. Lips that Aria had inherited. Taut, with the top one slightly thinner than the bottom. In fact, Aria looked so much like Brix, Shemel felt slighted in a way. But, he loved his little girl like no other. Reason why he was about to go on his first tour. He was making sure she or Brix wanted for nothing.

“She gon’ be whatever she wants. Ain’t that right,” he asked Aria who in return nodded her head, making Brix shake hers.

“Now you know that girl is going to agree with her daddy, even if she doesn’t know what he’s saying,” Carissa laughed, leaning in to hug Shemel before scooping Aria up.

“What’s good sis. Where’s your better half?”

Carissa rolled her eyes as Pierre sauntered through the door. “Right here. Why would you throw my keys in the bushes, yo?”

Shemel laughed. “Yo, what?”

“My fucking keys. Talking bout’ she don’t even know why I had to come down with her. Like I didn’t plan my trip first,” Pierre said, smacking Carissa on the ass. The tight white denim she was rocking had her ass sitting up ever so nicely. Swatting his hand away, Aria looked at him like he was crazy.  

“Like that AB?” Pierre chuckled, leaning in to kiss her cheek, but she pulled away.

“I know that’s right,” Carissa laughed. “I told you I was coming down here for the weekend, and you had to follow me.”

Lovingly, Pierre looked at her and licked his lips. “I’ll follow you wherever.”

Brix cracked up laughing, ending their little moment. “Oh my gosh. Please save the googly eyed, lip biting for your own home.”

Tired of staying with Shemel or a hotel when he came to town, Pierre bought he and Carissa a nice little townhouse, on the outskirts of Atlanta. His plan was to have them moved by the end of the year, but Carissa wasn’t having it. Born and raised in the Lou… Atlanta and its horrible highways were not the move. They did have some good lemon pepper wings, though.

“He better stop,” Carissa said lowly, feeling her panties already getting soaked and Pierre had only licked his lips at her. “That’s why I’m pregnant now. He can't keep his hands to himself.”

At only two months, Carissa wasn’t nearly showing. After weeks of repairing their relationship, the couple dated for a while. Carissa wasn’t really open to jumping fully into a relationship with Pierre right then, especially after the situation with Milly, but she came around. And, when she did, Pierre didn’t hesitate to knock her up.

“Tongue and d-”

“A’ight, nigga. Aria is right here,” Mel spoke up, placing her on the ground. Wobbling over to her toys that were scattered on the ground, Brix made sure she didn’t fall before Mel leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“We got time for a quickie.”

She looked over her shoulder and smirked. “You asking or telling me?”

Moving behind her, Brix bit her bottom lip when she felt what he indeed was trying to tell her. Instead, she felt it. She was surprised she hadn’t gotten pregnant again. Shemel was obsessed with her being a mother. Every second of the day when he wasn’t working, he was discussing them working on baby number two.

Carissa sucked her teeth, with a smirk. “And you talking about me. Nope. Ya’ll about to sit down here while we prepare dinner.”

Pierre looked at Shemel, who nodded toward the basement. Though he wasn’t in the streets anymore, Pierre still updated his boy on what was going on with his family business. With his rap career in full swing, there weren’t many days he got to just sit back and chill. Today, he was taking one of those days.

Brix spoke up before Mel could say anything. “I’ll call you up here when the food is ready.” Kissing her cheek, Carissa looked over at Pierre and waited for him to say something slick.

“What, baby?” he chuckled.

“I don’t get a kiss?” Carissa was pouting, making Brix chuckle as she removed herself from their intimate moment and walked into the kitchen with Shemel going toward the basement steps.

Pulling her body to his, Pierre wrapped his arms around her shoulders, before letting his hands glide up her neck, then letting his fingers massage her scalp. Carissa hair was in hug spiral curls that she combed out a little for more volume. Lips against hers, breathing her air, Pierre pecked her lips.

“Stop pouting. Which lips you want me to kiss?” Carissa came.

“Pierre,” she whined, weakening in her stance.

“Yes, Rissa? Which ones? Make your mind up before-”

The tugging on his shorts, made Pierre drop his hands and look down. Staring up at him with a glare, Aria wasn’t feeling him all over her auntie. Quickly grabbing his chin, Carissa kissed his lips, wanting to slip him her tongue but Aria was cockblocking like crazy.

Chuckling, Pierre backed away. “Guess those will do for now. I’ma make your ass pass out later on.”

Smiling, she nodded her head. “I look forward to it.”

Walking into the kitchen, with Aria wobbling in front of her, Carissa looked down at her nonexistent pregnant belly and spoke to her unborn. “Your daddy is crazy trying to make me pass out. What’re we going to do with him?”



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