Merry Christmas! 

Hope you all enjoy this Short Scene!


            “Paw Paw! I wanted this kitchen set!” Daiya shouted, before running up to BM, and jumped in his arms.

            With a smile on his face, and a wink at Meechi, BM squeezed his grandbaby’s little frame. He wasn’t the only one she had wrapped around his finger. She was his first, and he was going to make sure, she got whatever she wanted. The family had been up since eight that morning, and it was now going on ten. As the ladies of the family prepared brunch, the men chilled back and watched the kids open gifts.

            “Paw Paw, didn’t get you that. Santa did,” Meechi said, shooting a wink back at his pops.

            Daiya stopped what she was doing and looked toward her daddy, just as Erica walked in the large living room. Shooting her fiancé a mean glare, Erica waited to see what her response was going to be.

            “Santa isn’t real daddy.”

            “And who told you that?” Meechi questioned.

            Daiya smiled, and put her head down answering, “BJ.”

            “BJ!” Meechi damn near knocked over the table tray positioned to the right of him, he hopped up so fast. Seeing the worried/killer look in her man’s eyes, Erica intervened.

            “Chill out, babe. BJ is the little boy up the street who’s in her class. If that’s what she wants to believe, then let her,” she rubbed his back slowly, before grabbing his hand and placing it on her growing belly. With baby number two in the way, Erica prayed she was having a boy. Meechi had Daiya so spoiled, it wasn’t even funny. She wanted that same connection with his Junior.

            “Yeah? Well that little nigga better stop telling lies. I’m Santa, YaYa. Who you think got the kitchen set for you?” BM asked, smiling. Daiya smiled back and blew him a kiss.

            “Thank you Paw Paw, Santa!”

            “Ain’t that some shit? All these gifts we got, and she only playing with the kitchen set,” Meechi said, shoving his pops in the shoulder before walking off.

            “Yo, E! Come to the bedroom real quick so I can give you your gift,” Meechi called out over his shoulder, walking up the spiraled staircase that lead to their massive bedroom.

            Having been tucked away in one of the guestrooms all night wrapping gifts, Erica followed suit. A quickie was sounding damn good right about now, and once she ate, she knew she was going to be knocked out. Hopefully, Meechi was trying to make it quick, but knowing him, she’d wake up and it’d be an entire new day. His insatiable appetite for sex, had grown tremendously since Erica became pregnant. BM looked her way, and shook his head.

            “That’s why you wobbling now. Trying to be grown.”

            Erica chuckled, and kissed his cheek. “Love you, too. Keep an eye on her, and please. No more cookies. She’s going to be sick.”

            “Santa can’t eat em’ all,” BM laughed, walking back to sit on the couch. His holidays hadn’t been the same since Kamille was murdered. He would look forward to seeing her dressed down to the nines, hair laid, and curvaceous body stroll through those jail house doors to see him. She made being locked down, feel like it wasn’t shit. With her gone, he now had Daiya Kamille, to fill that void and he couldn’t be any happier.


            “Damn that ass fat!”

            Neicey turned swiftly in her heels, and shot Sen a stare of death that would surely send him straight to the lake of fire on this good Christmas day. Since Wal-Mart was closed, they had to make a quick stop by Sam’s Club for a case of pop (soda for some) on their way to Meechi and Erica’s crib.

            “Why you always showing out? Bring yo ass on,” Neicey hissed, as her heels clicked against the tile floor.

            Walking up behind her, Sen wrapped his arms around her waist, rubbed on thick thighs and kissed her neck. As always, he was high as a giraffe and ready to eat.

            “Chill out. It’s Christmas and shit. Why you acting like this ain’t us.”

            “Because it ain’t us. We are technically on a break, Sensay,” Neicey said, nudging him off of her with her shoulder. A week prior, Neicey had simply told Sen that she wanted a break, and he simply told her he’d break his foot off in her ass. There was no quitting him. Not now, not ever.

            He moved from behind her and stepped to the side, where she was pushing the basket. “And what did I tell you? Breaks don’t work for us. You see what happened last time you tried pulling that dumb shit. I had to kill a nigga,” he said, gritting his teeth.

            “That’s because you’re crazy.”

            “That ain’t nothing you don’t already know, though. After that gift I got you, you think you leaving me? Shit,” he replied with a chuckle.

            Neicey stopped the basket and looked at him with a smirk. “Sen, you bought me a parking sign with my name on it.”

            “I got you some other shit, too. Don’t try and play me, Shanice.”

            Neicey chuckled and rolled her eyes. “And I love them all, but what am I going to do with a parking sign?”

            Digging in his pocket, Sen pulled out two sets of keys and jingled them in the air. “I know you retired your stripper life for a nigga, and I rock with you for caring about my feelings.”

            “Are you about to cry?” Neicey joked, placing a hand over her heart.

            “Last time I cried, was when I was born. Even then, a nigga barely shed tears,” he joked, making Neicey shake her head with a laugh. “Nah. On the real though. These keys belong to an empty studio space downtown. I heard you mention something to Erica about hosting a few stripping classes, but shit. You know we ain’t nothing but hustlers in this family. I want you to own your own spot.”

            Neicey was the one now with real tears in her eyes. Of all the things she could have barely mentioned to Sen, he had gone out and purchased her a storefront studio. Walking up to him, she threw her arms around Sen’s neck and hugged him as tightly as she could.

            “That’s what the parking sign is for, mean ass girl.”

            “Thank you, baby. Wait until we get home. I’ma suck your dick so good; you don’t even know,” she said, kissing his lips.

            “Says the woman who wanted to break up with me. Yeah, you better get my balls too.”

            “That might still happen. What did you get the readers for Christmas?”

            Sen stopped and ran a hand over his smooth ponytail that was pulled up into his signature bun. He and BriAnn had been planning something for the holiday, but with Sen’s smart mouth, the gift got pushed back to the New Year.

            “I got them. It’s a gift from us though,” he replied.

            “Hmm. Another book? Them hoes always wanna be in my business. You bet not be fucking none of them,” Neicey said, pushing the basket toward the wine selection.

            Though Sen loved his readers, they know exactly where his heart is and who it belongs to.

            “Yep. Another book. This about us though. How a nigga fell in love with a stripper,” he laughed and Neicey smacked him upside the head.

            “I didn’t take much for you love me either. I still owe that bum bitch Brandy these hands, so I hope you ain’t been fooling around with her. Now, that is not something the readers should be having to read.”

            Sen shrugged his shoulders. “Shit. I been as faithful as Melo playing with the Knicks. That nigga still don’t have a ring, and he ain’t never left. I’ll leave my storyline up to Ms. BriAnn though. Knowing her ass, she gone try to make me out to be the bad guy.”

            “I think she’ll be surprised this go around,” Neicey said lowly, with a shake of her head. She didn’t know exactly what getting that studio was about to do, but her and Sen’s story will be sure to tell it all.


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