December Cover Reveal!

Hey! Here’s an exclusive inside look into my release for December. It’ll be written under a pen name, but don’t fret. I’ll still be penning under my name and giving you all the urban love that BriAnn pens. Brix, my alter ego, just had a few words to say and I hope you’re ready. You may need to call up your boo thang, husband, boyfriend, or whomever after this read. Haha! Let’s get into it.



I wasn’t good at making decisions. In fact, I was horrible at making them, and my recent breakup was proof of that. We had finally called it quits, and I was ready to move on. Quickly.

I was ready for something fun — something to take the edge off of being newly single. My friends suggested dating, but I declined and took their generous offer of receiving a spa day instead.

What was supposed to be a relaxing experience, turned into a spine-tingling, soul floating, toes curling, body trembling orgasm. And it was from my high school crush, Garlen.

The thing was, he wasn’t my only crush back then. I had one on him and his fine friend, Jerik. After the way he made my body come alive, forbidden, nasty thoughts of sampling them both invaded my mind. Not just alone, but together.

I wanted them both.

At the same time.

And, have them do things to me I only fantasized about.

But, I didn't know how to tell them.

Do you ask for something like this or just submit and say yes?

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