January Release Sneak Peek


“Hey, Ms. Lindsey. This gentleman would like to apply for a loan. Are you busy?”

Hell yes, I was busy. Busy trying to calm my racing heartbeat down. I knew I had to look up from my screen, but I couldn’t. My eyes felt like they were glued to the damn unopened document, I hadn’t officially pulled up. Their stare was too intense though and I was making it extremely awkward for us all.

“Have a seat. I’ll be glad to help you.”

My words were forced. I did not want to help him. Looking at him from afar was much, much safer than him being in my personal space. And we had to close the door?

Jesus, be some air conditioning, please.

I slipped my navy-blue blazer from my shoulders and stood to close the door. “Thank you, Jordan.” She was one of our newest tellers. Fresh out of college and basically just working until she landed her dream job. I wasn’t mad at her. The pay was good here.  

I shut the door quietly, and walked back around to my seat. He was sitting straight up, hands on my desk and an emotionless expression was on his face. His attire, now that I could really see him, was regular. He had a logo on his shirt with a truck emblem, and I couldn’t help but wonder what his profession was and why he needed a loan. Everything about him was screaming dope boy. He was looking like the type of nigga I needed to stay clear from, even down to his hands.

They were rough.

I knew they were rough without even touching them. They were the type of hands that when you looked at them, you knew they had put in years of hard labor somewhere or on someone. There goes my mind drifting again. What surprised me though, was his fingernails. They were clean as hell.

“Are you going to ask what type of loan I’m applying for, or stare at my hands the entire time?”

I blinked a few times, and felt forced to look him in the eyes. His voice was calm, and held the deepest accent I had ever heard. His expression never wavered, though. Deciding that I should probably do my job and stop looking crazy, I started my questioning.

“Can I see your I.D. please.”

Retracting it from his wallet, he handed it to me. Looking down at his name, I immediately looked back up.  

“It’s Dyami,” he clarified, pronouncing his name for me. He said his name with authority, and bass in his voice that made me clear my throat. Had he not, I was going to butcher it, completely.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, before typing it into my computer. “What type of loan were you needing today?”


I tried not to pass judgement, because that wasn’t even my style, but the way he said it rubbed me the wrong way. I have been in my manager position for two years now, and have come across some real stuck up people. Don’t get me wrong, majority of our customers were nice, and then we always had that handful of people her were assholes. I could tell he was one of them.

Asking questions just to engage in small talk, wasn’t going to happen. Like I said, his walk should have let me know he was going to be all about business. Nothing more, but definitely less. I hated going through these questions. Once I had his account pulled up, my eyes did a quick sweep over his accounts with us and I damn near drooled on myself. His savings was looking like the money I had in a few safes. Surely, he was into some illegal shit. He had to be.

 I cut my eyes his way, and he licked his thick dark lips. That one motion had me squeezing my legs tight. Running a hand over his welly manicured beard, he cocked his head to the side.

“Is there an issue?”

“No. Just pulling up the necessary forms. Do you have an issue?”

He chuckled, and got damn was it the sexiest sound I had heard come from a man, besides a moan. “Besides the fact that you sitting up here judging me. Nah, I don’t have an issue at all.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, removing my hand from the mouse.

“No need.”

“What is the problem, sir? No one is judging you. I asked you the necessary questions, you answered, we moved on. I’m sorry if that is offensive in anyway.”

“I never got your name. What is it?” he asked, bypassing my first question.

“It’s Ms. Lindsey.”

He nodded his head, then looked down at the name plate on my desk. He just wanted me to say my name out loud. I refrained from rolling my eyes, but he almost took me there.

“Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Lindsey. Your customer service skills are horrible.”

“You know what,” I said, standing from my desk. This nigga was not about to keep disrespecting me, especially if I hadn’t done anything wrong. “If having me assist you with a business loan, is so horrible, have another manager help you. I’m sure they’d love too.”

“Ah! She’s sarcastic as well.” He had the nerve to chuckle again. “If I wanted another manager to assist me, I would have asked for another one. Now, are we going to work on your customer service skills for the next customer wanting a loan, or am I getting kicked out?”

My head dropped, and I blinked my eyes a few times to make sure I was hearing him correctly. My hearing had nothing to do with my eye sight, but it seemed to help. I so badly wanted to swing my door open and tell him to keep it moving, but I didn’t need my colleagues all in my business.

Taking a deep breath, I walked around to my desk, sat down and placed my hands in front of me. Somehow, his rude ass and I gotten off to a bad start and he was much too fine to not do business with. I was going to fill out this damn loan application, thank him for stopping by and send him on his way. Even with that amount of money in his accounts; I’m sure he wasn’t going to get approved.

“I knew you had it in you.” He smiled, and I wanted to pass the fuck out. Not before I licked his teeth though. Those pearly whites were aligned perfectly, like God himself sculpted them, then brushed white polish over each one. His dark dreamy eyes roamed every inch of my body that was visible, which only irritated me more. How could someone I just met, get me so aroused in such little time? Ugh!

Getting myself together, I straightened my posture, and stuck out my hand. “Clearly, we got off on the wrong page. I’m Nautauria Lindsey, and I’d love to help you apply for a business loan, today.”

His large hand engulfed mine, and my eyes damn near bulged out of their sockets. His hands were not rough at all. Yeah, I had been judging him. I couldn’t even front. He held my hand a little longer than I thought I wouldn’t have liked and introduced himself.

“Dyami Houston. Nice to meet you.”

I gently slipped my hand from his grasp, and cleared my throat. “Now that we know each other’s full names, let’s get down to business.”


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