My Heart Is A Fool Too: Sneak Peek 02

Woot! Woot! The last sneak peek before you get to dive into the book when it goes live. I just want to know... are you ready?

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“In these trying times, we must turn to the Lord. For only he has the answers to mend the broken hearts today. Though she lost her life at such a young age, life must go on my brothers and sisters. Stand strong in your faith. Believe that He makes no mistakes.”

As the pastor’s words filled the atmosphere of the church, I sat with an emotionless expression on my face. I was hurting and being honest; there wasn’t anything he could say right now to make me feel any better. In the second row of the sanctuary, I held my head down and looked at the obituary in my hand. I never expected to see her face plastered across the front of one of these. She had so much more to live for. So much life left, and I couldn’t save her. And, I wish she could have saved herself.

“You good?” Nadir asked.

Subtly, I nodded my head. It was a lie, but I’d be good soon. At least I hoped I would be. Focusing my attention back on the pastor, he called up people to give a few remarks. This part in Grans funeral was reserved for only her close friends. Others could write their condolences on a blank sheet they were given before entering. I half listened while people went up to speak, and before long the pastor asked us all to stand in prayer. That turned into an altar call. I was all for people getting saved, and one person in particular, shocked myself and Nadir both when she excused herself out of the pew.

“I think this whole thing has her shaken up,” Nadir offered, but I already knew the reason behind her going to get saved.

“I’d be shaken up too.”

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