Feenin' For a G 2- Sneak Peek

“Yeah,” I nodded. “That’s what some people call me in the streets. It’s a nickname. Short for my middle name.”

Throwing her hands in the air, she hopped up from the couch. “Don’t give me that fake ass answer, nigga! I’m not into anything that would have people shooting at me, but I’m not green to shit either. You have the damn name embedded into a gun. Not just any gun, though. A desert eagle, meant to take niggas lives. You’re not carrying that around in a safe place for no reason.”

“So, what the fuck is the problem then, huh?” I hissed, standing up. Towering over her small frame, Natauria didn’t flinch nor back up. “If you’re not green to the shit, then you should know why I’m over here. You fucked with a nigga who was in the streets, and that little shit you had attached to your thigh wasn’t for show either.”

“I never said it was,” she hissed back, clenching her jaw tightly. Her once soft eyes, and calm demeanor were gone. Her breathing had picked up, and her leg was once again bouncing.

I stepped closer into her personal space. “Then what is the problem? Niggas were shooting at us, and you handled it.”

“You didn’t have to put a gun to my head to get answers out of me. That was out of fucking line.” Her words came out a little choked, and I couldn’t stop myself from pulling her frame into mine.

Without hesitation, her tiny hands wrapped around my waist, as my hand found the back of her head. I had her hurt with that action. Truth be told, I didn’t even think twice about what I was doing when I placed that gun to her temple, until I saw the look in her eyes. In the back of my mind, it was kill or be killed. With the type of lifestyle I used to live, and the events that had been going down lately, I couldn’t let a pretty face catch me off guard. If she was indeed trying to set me up that night, she wasn’t going to have the chance to live and tell it.

“My fault, baby,” I whispered apologetically in her ear. I wasn’t sorry in the moment, so she wasn’t going to hear that. My quick judgement was wrong though.

“So, are you in the streets or not?” she asked, breaking our embrace.

Me being in the streets seemed to be a big deal to her, and that’s why I was trying to keep that life away from her. Away from what we were trying to build. If that was her deal breaker, then that’s just what it was going to be. Until I figured out what was up with her ex, Choppa, and that nigga Malik, I was about to be a full-time employee in the streets. No off days.

“Not as heavy as I used to be, why?”

She shook her head, and sighed so heavily I could feel the air against my arms. “I’m over that lifestyle. I made a promise to myself that I would never date a nigga in the streets, again. It’s too much.”

“Have I caused disruption in your life?” I asked, making her eyes shoot up to mine.

“N-Not in a bad way, no.”

“Alright then. I’m not just some nigga in the streets, and you know that. I’m a business man, before anything. I make things happen, and get shit done. I’m a gentleman to you, and have been since we met. Since I sat my ass down in your office, with your smart mouth. Not once have I given you a reason to feel like I was taking from your peaceful life, rather than adding to it. I mean, stop me if I’m wrong…”

She shook her head no, so I continued. “If me carrying around a gun, and handling business like a man is an issue for you, then maybe this is too much. Just let me know what you trying to do now, before we go any further. All men with a little street in them aren’t out to hurt you.”

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