My Heart Was A Fool: Sneak Peek

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He smiled and scratched his beard. Why was something so simple as scratching his beard alluring? And, why the fuck did I even find it alluring in the first place? I needed to leave. Emotions were high, and vulnerability is the quickest way to get caught slipping.

“Preciate’ that. I’ma about to head out though. A nigga hungry than a mufucka,” he chuckled as Sassy walked over to us.

“You two should come out to eat with us,” she said pointing to a few of the other members.

I shook my head no. “Eh. I’m going to have to pass this go around. Thanks for offering though, girl.”

She smiled and looked Malone’s way. “What about you?”

“I’ma have to take a raincheck, ma. Next time, though we can slide.”

Her eyes lit up. “So, that means you’ll be back?”

He chuckled, and my stomach churned. Bitch. Walk away before you try and climb his tall ass.

“Yeah. Ya’ll got my number now, so it wouldn’t be shit to harass me would it?”

Sassy laughed and waved her hand dismissively. “Well, not harass per se, buuut we would be checking on you. We’re like a family here and just want everyone to feel welcomed.”

I liked that, and could tell everyone in attendance was genuine.

“I feel the love most def, but I won’t be back if I don’t eat. I’ma disappear from starvation, then what?” he humored, making me chuckle.

“Okay, okay. Go ahead. But, next time you’re rolling with us,” Sassy declared, and Malone nodded.

“Scouts honor.”

When Sassy walked away, I faced him and smirked.

“You were a scout?”

“Nah, but the shit got her out of my face,” he laughed as we headed toward the front entrance. He held the door open on my way out, and I just shook my head. I know chivalry wasn’t dead, but I was going to need him to act like it was. At least around me.

“Thank you. I guess I’ll see you next week,” I said with a grin.

“Yeah. Keep ya head up, ma. I see you smiling, but your eyes are sad. It’ll get better soon. Believe that.”

I blinked back tears and gave him a head nod instead of a smile. My face couldn’t form one at the time.

“Thanks,” I replied in a hushed tone as he walked away.

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