Am I Good Enough To Love: Sample Sunday

Detroit, MI


 Megan sat on her cream leather sectional with a smile on her face. The liquor had her tipsy. She was a light drinker, and her man knew that shit still he insisted on giving her glass after glass.

She bopped her head to the Ice Cube track as she watched Deron shoot dice in the dining room. Friday was their party night, so while her mom kept Logan, they kicked back and had some adult fun.

Megan couldn’t stop staring at him as she absentmindedly played with her gold doorknockers. She wanted the earrings with her name in them and Deron being Deron bought her all the hoops that the jeweler pulled out. Her almond shaped eyes admired Deron’s tall, stocky frame and she licked her lips. He was wearing some jeans with a leather and suede sweater while a large Mercedes necklace hung from his neck.

He talked shit and kicked it back with his boys while Megan eyed him. Almost like he could feel her staring at him their eyes connected and he winked at her before going back to his dice game. His dirty red low fade was parted on the side and lined to perfection while rings adorned every finger that he had. Her baby was one fresh ass nigga, and that had been why she’d fallen for him in the first place. They were six years in, and she loved him with all her heart.

Megan stood up and decided to relieve her bladder before she laughed too hard at something and pissed on herself. Never had she had those kinds of issues until she had Logan. That damn daughter of hers had weakened the hell out of her bladder. Now all Megan had to do was snicker, and a tinkle of pee would leak out of her. The shit was embarrassing to her, but she wouldn’t complain. For Logan, this would be her first and last baby because she didn’t want any more kids. It was all worth it, though.  

Megan quickly handled her business and washed her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was rocking a blue jean dress with ankle heels, and her hair was done up just like Vanity who many people said she resembled.

As she exited the bathroom and bent the corner, she overheard Deron talking with some of his friends that he hung with. Taking a step back, she eavesdropped on their conversation.

“You talked to Tasia since you been back?” One man asked Deron.

Deron shook his head. He glanced around for Megan before replying.

“Yeah, my baby girl is good. This shit so fucking crazy nigga. You don’t even understand,” he replied.

Megan’s heartbeat increased as she listened to them talk.

“I mean you got it all. Two fine ass baby momma’s and you getting money. How did Megan take the news about Kolbee?”

Megan felt her chest tighten. Slowly she slipped off her $1000 door knockers. She tossed them onto the ground gentle enough to not bring attention her way.

Deron sighed. Every time he thought of telling Megan, he bitched up. He would never regret his daughter. That was his blood. His legacy. He loved Kolbee already, and she was only an infant. It was what she represented to his main, to the woman he had been with for six years that had him keeping her a secret.

Deron wasn’t perfect. He did the best he could, but at times he fucked up. While out of town handling business in Kansas City he met a beautiful woman by the name of Tasia. She was cool, they immediately clicked and before he knew it an affair had begun. Tasia knew nothing of Megan and felt they were exclusive up until she told him she was pregnant. Then shit got real, and Deron had to show his cards. He was living foul, but the nigga in him couldn’t let either of them go so now he was trying to find a way to tell his woman about his newest blessing. 

“I love Megan. That’s been my bitch for a while now. Y'all niggas know that, but Tasia is cool. We got a baby together now, and I’m trying to figure this shit out. Megan not gone take this with a smile, you know?”

Deron’s friends nodded until their eyes grew wide in shock. Deron turned to see what they were staring at and dropped his beer. Megan ran up on him with the largest knife that she had in the kitchen, and the sharp cutting object immediately pierced his umber toned brown skin.

Deron’s face shifted in pain as he gripped her wrist as tightly as he could.

“Shit, baby! Calm down!” He yelled fearing she would kill him.

Megan had the devil in her eyes as she moved fast trying to break his hold. She kneed him, spit on his handsome face and once she saw he still wouldn’t ease up his grip she head butted him.

“Megan calm down!” Mary, her best friend, yelled running into the room after hearing the commotion.

“Let me go you trifling ass motherfucka!” Megan yelled through gritted teeth.

Deron shook his head. This was why he hadn’t told her. They rarely fought, and now she was trying to harm him. Possibly kill his ass if she could. He’d done this to her, to them, and he felt fucked up behind it.

“Baby, please calm down! I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry, beautiful,” he apologized in his most sincere voice. His eyes were pleading with hers.

Megan shook her head not wanting to hear that sorry shit. She let go of the knife and everyone in the room exhaled. Deron let her wrist go and eyed her carefully as she started to smooth down her auburn hair that had fallen out of place in their scuffle.

“I need for all of you motherfucka’s to leave my shit right fucking now. I’m about to kill this nigga,” Megan said eerily calm and left back out of the room.

People started to spread like roaches out of the large room. Deron and Mary followed Megan to the back of their large home and Mary’s heart dropped as she watched her best friend pull out her favorite shotgun.

Deron stood tall not letting his worry show on his handsome face or his stance. He stood in front of Mary and looked at Megan. She aimed the shotgun at him as he stared her down.

“I’m sorry. I’m man enough to admit that I fucked up, but the baby is here, and I don’t regret her. I love my daughter, and I pray that one day you can forgive me and learn to love her too. You can’t shoot me, and you know that shit. Put the gun down Megan,” Deron told her.

Megan’s hand shook as she held the weapon. Tears clouded her vision, and before she could pull the trigger, Deron was snatching the shotgun from her small clammy hands.

Mary sighed with relief and left them alone for some privacy as Megan began to cry hysterically. Deron held her as tightly as he could. Tomorrow wasn’t promised but what he did know was that he couldn’t walk away from Megan and he refused to let her walk away from him. He kissed her forehead lovingly as she wept into his sweater.

“Her name is Kolbee, and she’s so fucking beautiful. She looks like Logan did when she was a baby. I’m sorry. I’ll say that shit until the day that I die, but I won’t apologize for having my daughter. You’ll learn to love her and forgive me,” he told her confidently.

Megan cried harder. He talked about his betrayal with such ease. As if he’d forgotten to pay a bill or mow the lawn. Not at all like he’d birthed a child, had an affair. She was so heartbroken that she couldn’t do anything but cry. Deron had never hurt her like that before. He had her questioning everything about their love.

“Please calm down. I will make this right,” he promised her while rubbing her back.

Megan shook her head while pulling away from him. She glared at him. The man that she loved with all her heart and wiped her wet face.

“There is nothing you can do to fix this, and that child of yours will never step foot in my fucking home,” she said bitterly and walked past him.

If Deron wanted his family in Kansas City, then Megan was positive he wouldn’t have the family that was in Detroit.


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