Sample Sunday: INNFL

Sheesh! The first sample - and probably the only - I'm letting you guys see before release day. The cover, title, and release date is up in the air as of now, so stay tuned and look out on my author page to be the first to know when I make a decision. This story has taken on a mind of its own and I'm welcoming it. Hope you enjoy!  

Raazim had his eyes trained on me like he had an issue. “Don’t leave me on read like I’m some hoe and not reply,” he spoke evenly.

“I don’t have to reply to you.”

“It would be the nice thing to do,” he smirked, and I rolled my eyes. He was looking good as usual, and the way the sun was hitting his thick, curly low cut had me licking my lips.

“Be nice to you for what?” I quipped.

“Right! Nice for whaaat to these niggas!” Ava sang, and Petey mushed her in the forehead.

“Don’t make me embarrass you out here,” he gritted, and I shot Ava wide eyes. Her slick self just waved me and Petey both off.

“Don’t make me fuck you up, Petey.” Ava walked off and he followed right behind her, grabbing her by the back of her neck and I shook my head. She was out here tripping. The feel of Raazim grabbing me by the arm brought my attention back to him.  


“I gave you the space I felt you needed, so I think it’s time you stop playing games with me.”

I’m sure my face masked the look of the infamous meme with the girl holding her hand out, questioningly. “Why does it feel like I have to keep breaking up with you and we’re not even in a relationship? This is insane.”

“That’s because you keep being fucking difficult,” he said smacking me hard on the ass. “This little dress got your booty poking.”

“Ow! Dang. Gon’ Raazim. I’m not stunting you.” On the inside I was soaking up all the interest he was showing me. His persistence may have annoyed another female, but not me. I was used to it by now and fronting on the sly. 

Tossing his arm over my shoulder, he pulled me into his side and whispered, “Let me eat your pussy from the back in this dress.”

Eyes bucking wildly, I stopped walking. Hell, stopped breathing as well. Why did he have to go and say that? The dress I was wearing was thin with spaghetti straps but fitted tightly on my frame. The thong I was wearing was no-show and now could be tossed in the trash. He had my lady parts jumping in anticipation to feel his thick tongue marking its territory before he staked his claim. When he stepped behind me, the cotton material did nothing to mask the hard-on he had as my ass pressed up against his swelling bulge.

“Raaz, gone,” I whined trying to push him away, but he wrapped his arms around my waist. It was nice to see he didn’t care about a little PDA in public, but my goodness. He had me ready to bust it open for his fine ass and saying to hell with everything.  

“Nah. All I gotta do is lift it up real quick. You feel what you did to me.”

“Yes, now move. That was a one-time thing.”

Rubbing his hands down my stomach, he kissed my neck before moving back to my side. I sighed with relief and rubbed the back of my neck.

“It was only one time cause your ass already knows what’s up. I’ma leave you alone for now. What stores you trying to hit up?”

I forgot all about wanting to get something out of the Tommy store after Ava told me he was here. See? He had me tripping already.

“None really. We can see what’s in here,” I said pointing to the Adidas store. “What are you getting?”

“Probably cop a few pairs of kicks. Nothing major. Remind me to stop by that smell good store they got out here.”

“Smell good store?” I questioned with pinched brows.

“Bath and something. I gotta cop some shit from there.”

“For who? Your little girlfriend?” I said it playfully but was going to be pissed if he said yeah.

“Why she gotta be little? I like my women BBW,” he smirked and nipped my chin.

“Quit playing all the time,” I hissed and followed behind him.

“Let me find out you jealous. It’s for my auntie. She said they're having a sale or something.”

I nodded. “Yeah. They are. It’s called Bath and Body Works. Let your auntie know she almost got you smacked in the back of your head for trying to be cute.”

“Nah. I ain’t telling her shit. You ain’t trying to be my girl so I gotta spend this bread on somebody,” he shrugged before getting one of the associates to grab him a pair of shoes from the back.

He could very well be purchasing some gifts for a female other than his auntie, and again, here I was feeling some kind of way. No matter how much I tried convincing myself that being committed to someone wasn’t my thing, Raazim had me reconsidering. I’d be happily single before I let one of these niggas play with my feelings, though. There wasn’t anything in the world I was willing to let compromise my peace if I didn’t have to. Especially a guy who cherished the ground you walked on one day, then was looking at you lay across it while he and another bitch stomped all over you the next. Nah. I was good on that.


“You like these?” he asked holding up a not so cute pair of shoes. They weren’t my style at all.

Snickering, I shook my head and said, “Um, not really. You think those are cute?”

“They’re different. I fuck with em’.”

“That’s all that matters then. Go ahead and cop them for your girl. I’m sure she’d appreciate them.”

“She’s going to appreciate a real nigga when she sees one too.” His reply would have come off cocky to someone else, but I knew he was throwing subtle hints and shade.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t see myself settling down with Raazim, I just wanted to explore my options. I was young; twenty-two be exact and I had plenty of time to throw in the towel and hang my jersey up for the right one. Not just the one who could charm me a little bit, give some good head and keep a smile on my face. I knew me, and if I jumped into something serious with him I was liable to fuck it up.

Plus, getting in a relationship these days was terrifying. Even being out in public with a guy you were just getting to know could go wrong. Too many situations have been happening where females were getting embarrassed in public because dudes couldn’t tell the truth about seeing someone else. Too many were losing their lives as well. That was too much for me. For both our sake, I’d rather be safe than sorry later on down the road trying to repair something that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

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