Sample Sunday: In No Need For Love 2

First of all, thank you all so much for the support this series has received thus far. This is the finale, but you will see a few characters later on this year. Part 1 will be .99 cents tomorrow, so be sure to tell a friend and gift a few if you're feeling generous. Enjoy this sneak peek and comment with your thoughts. 

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“Had I told you would you have stayed?” he asked, and I hated that he had.

Honesty is the best policy, Eireann. I reminded myself. “No. Stayed for what?”

“What you mean for what? For me. For us, damn. I loved you and was willing to share that shit with you only for you to up and say you’re about to leave. That just lets me know you never really loved a nigga,” he shrugged and that pissed me off.

“Don’t even go there. You know I have loved you since I was fifteen. But, loving you has nothing to do with me wanting to be better for myself. Had I not left then what? Would we have been married by now, kids and a house with a white picket fence? What? Or, did you expect for me to be like Shae and be in a situationship?”

“You don’t know shit about her or us, so watch your mouth,” he spat, and I blinked back tears.

It was obvious that he loved her or had some type of love for her. No man defends a woman he doesn’t care about and that’s facts. I can’t lie, my feelings are a little hurt, and that’s only because he’s sitting here trying to blame me for wanting a career. A lifestyle that could support me. Selfish. That’s what he was and it’s sad that he can’t even see it.

“And you don’t know shit about me. Not anymore and clearly never did. I’d never keep something so important from you for no reason. While I’m looking out for the sanity of your wellbeing, you don’t even hear how selfish you sound. Had you told me this years ago, I would have helped you deal with it. Maybe not in person, but I would have still been there. You know that.”

“Nah. I don’t know shit. Not anymore. Folks out here moving real shaky. Regardless of the situation at hand, you could have come to me. Instead, you were in your feelings about my relationship,” he chuckled and shook his head. “That’s wild E. I didn’t expect such disloyalty from you.”

“Disloyalty? Boy, fuck you. You can leave, honestly. I don’t care about your relationship clearly and neither do you. I got that dick as soon as I touched down and didn’t have to do shit to get it.”

“You proud of that? This dick that you didn’t do much to get belongs to someone else, baby, so don’t try to get cute. I busted that pussy open and all I had to do was take your ass to Cheddars for some fucking crescent rolls and a drink.”

The slap I delivered to his face quieted the laugh he barely got out. Hopping up from the chair, Ashton pushed me back onto the couch with his hand tightly wrapped around my wrist and hovered over me. I was breathing hard and hate to admit it; but turned the hell on.

“You got a problem with putting your hands on me. Don’t make me fuck you up in here Eireann,” he gritted.

We stared one another down for a few seconds more before he let go of my wrist, damn near flinging it. When he stepped back, I sat up and adjusted my shirt that had lifted some.

“Whatever. You got what you came for, so you can leave.”

“Nah. I didn’t get the full story, but I will. If I stay up in this bitch any longer ain’t no telling what I’ll do to you,” he replied walking to the door.

I stood up and followed him, so I could lock it once he was gone.

“How you say you found out again?” he questioned.

“I didn’t. You never gave me the chance to tell you.”

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