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Wow. It feels like FOREVER since I've released a book. Well, my newest one Phresh & Nykee did just drop, so be sure to cop that. It's been a while since In No Need For Love 2 dropped at the beginning of June. But, that's not why you're here. 

I have a new release dropping in August, and I'm overly excited for you to read it. It's different for me. A little more street lit and not much romance as I'm sure you're used to from me, but I hope you enjoy it. These characters are literally a breath of fresh air and I think you'll love them as much as I do. Enjoy this SHORT sneak peek. 


“I can’t believe I’m actually still working here,” Harlem grumbled as she leaned against the window pane.

“Well, you are and have been for the last two weeks now. You should be used to it by now.”

She wasn’t.

And probably never would be. Working at McDonald’s wasn’t the worst job to have. Hell, a check was a check, but Harlem was frustrated with how slow payday was rolling around. She was used to getting paid every day and more than once. Not even a week had gone by after she was given the ultimatum from Andrea, and Harlem had applied for over fifteen jobs. McDonald's was somewhere in the last five applications because she had to physically go in for their employment form, and hardly did she ever go inside.

To her surprise, they called her back within three days unlike the other jobs she had applied for, and Harlem went in for an interview. Thanks to Sarena, Harlem was able to use her number as a method of contact during the day since they had the majority of their classes together. After her first day of work, Harlem’s legs and back was on fire from standing for such a long period of time. Even with the few hours she did clock during the week, it took some getting used to.

“No leaning, Harlem. At least look like you want to be here,” her manager, Victoria told her as she walked in the office.

Pushing herself up from the wall, Harlem released a heavy sigh just as her head set beeped. Looking out her window in the back where she took orders, she couldn’t help but admire the shiny, black impala with heavy tint. It was one of her favorite cars at the moment, and it seemed like every person in Kansas City owned one at the time.

“Aye yo!” a male voice called out.

Harlem sucked her teeth hard and sat there.

“Aye, excuse me. Man, I know they hear me on this mufucka,” the male voiced, and Harlem chuckled.

“How can I help you?” she asked dryly.

“Ain’t you supposed to say, ‘Welcome back to McDonald’s?’” he asked and the car full of niggas with him laughed loudly.

“Nope. How I know you been here before?”

They laughed louder at her response and she rolled her eyes. This was one of the many reasons why working there annoyed her. Ignorant ass customers. Some were nice, majority actually, but there was always those few who pushed her buttons. Having started her cycle with the most intense cramps, Harlem was ready to curse their ass out.

“Are y’a’ll done? Nothing was that funny,” she questioned.

The car went silent for a second.

“Aye. This bitch got a smart-ass mouth.”

“Well, have someone else take your order then since my mouth so smart,” Harlem spat, and Victoria poked her head out of her office.

“Are you taking an order talking like that?” she asked with her thin ass hell eyebrows pinched together.

Harlem shook her head no. “No. I didn’t press the button,” she lied smoothly, knowing her finger had just lifted from off it.

Victoria gave her the side-eye before stepping back inside the office and closing the door. Harlem was ready to talk more shit to the car, but when she turned around, they were right at her window. She was going to ignore them at first, but the driver of the vehicle’s handsome face covered in a confused scowl had her smirking and sliding her window open.


“You got a mufuckin’ attitude today or something? We ain’t tell you to work here,” he let out evenly.

His voice was much different than the one she heard seconds earlier. His was calmer. Much more authoritative. In control. Smooth even. Like when you first get your legs waxed kind of smooth. So smooth that Harlem’s words were trapped in her throat.

Clearing it, she said, “I don’t, but you didn’t have to come to pull up being disrespectful.”

“Wasn’t nobody disrespecting you, girl,” the guy who was talking when they pulled up said from the back seat, once his window was down.

Harlem gave his face a quick once over and focused her attention right back on the driver.

“Right. You’d know if I had an attitude; trust me. Are y’a’ll gon’ order though, because y’a’ll holding up the line?”

The driver licked his lips and Harlem tried her best not to gaze into his light, honey- colored eyes. His skin tone was gorgeous. A walnut-golden color mixture, and she could tell he had a slight tan due to the season, but it looked good on him. What set his look off wasere the pair of pink, plump lips. Harlem had never thought about what a guy’s lips felt or tasted like until now.

Damn, he’s fine. Too damn fine for me, she thought.

“Nah,” he said and smirked. “We about to come in and bother you since you got an attitude and shit. Don’t make me tell your manager. Vicky still work here?”

Harlem’s eyes ballooned as the words spilled from his lips. She did not want them coming inside. Her break was in three minutes, and surely, she couldn’t hide out in the back for thirty minutes. It was hot as hell back there.   

“Yes, Victoria is here.”

The guy in the backseat laughed. “Look at her talking all proper and shit now. Don’t want to get your ass fired, huh?”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t, but okay,” she replied and shut her window.

Getting fired was the last thing she wanted to happen.

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