Sample Sunday: She From The Gutta

This sample is unedited and subject to change. Enjoy!

As soon as they made it outside, Zeema eyed Harlem suspiciously.

“What?” Harlem questioned as she pulled her hair away from her neck. The cool night breeze felt delightful against her warm skin.

“You aren’t used to talking to guys are you?”

“Why’d you say that?”

Zeema shrugged. “It just looked like you were nervous is all. Didn’t mean to offend you if I did.”

Harlem waved her off. “Not at all. I’m used to guys approaching me, but I’d play them to the left because I was too focused on school. I guess with that being over,” she said with a shrug and chuckle.

“Aight now. Don’t start being all fast,” Zeema laughed with her.

“Never. That’s not my style.”

“What’s yo style then?” Enzo spoke making Harlem jump and grab her chest.

Spinning around, she softly punched him in the arm. “You can’t just be walking up on me like that. Scared me half to damn death.”

Grinning lowly, Enzo grabbed her hand, lowered it and turned her around until her back was flushed against his front. Harlem’s breath got caught in her lungs and eyes rapidly blinked from being caught off guard. With both arms wrapped around her waist, Enzo buried his face in the crook of her neck. He had spotted her walk out from the car he was sitting in getting high. He would have openly sparked his blunt, but there were too many heads who hadn’t put in on his shit that he knew would be begging.


His new scent of marijuana was strong, but it meshed well with his cologne and had Harlem’s lady parts thumping. She mentally gave herself a prep talk to calm her racing heart. Enzo’s touch was setting off triggers in her body she knew existed but didn’t know they could be awakened by him just holding her. Not just by that, but by the gun on his waist as well. Harlem was so embarrassed at how wet she became from feeling it brush against her butt.

What the hell is wrong with me?

“I ain’t mean to scare you. You don’t gotta be scared of me,” he whispered huskily in her ear.

Harlem was voiceless as Enzo released deep breaths against her neck. Enzo was fucked up. Drinking Henny straight for almost the entire night and puffing on nothing but the best weed had him on another level. When he peeped Harlem walking out of the house and tossing her hair exposing her slender neck, he knew right then he wanted her. Not in just a sexual way, but whatever way she was willing to offer herself to him. In his eyes, though she was a little younger than he normally went for, Harlem was the finest of the all the females in attendance that night.

Her natural beauty was rare but appreciated. She didn’t have the fattest ass, biggest titties, the coldest fit or a head full of weave, but Enzo didn’t care. Harlem was being her seventeen-year-old self and Enzo had been intrigued since the day she told him ‘I’m just me.’. He wanted to know her on a personal level.

“Y-You want to sit down?” she asked when his body weight began to be a bit much.

Lifting up, Enzo chuckled. “My fault. Let’s go over here.”

“Harlem. I’ma go back inside. You good?” Zeema asked and Enzo mugged her. He didn’t have anything against the girl, but her question ticked him off. Hell, Harlem had just met her, not him. 

“Don’t she look good?” he spat and Zeema tossed her hands in the air.

“Cuse’ me,” she huffed walking away.

Leading Harlem over to one of his boys’ cars, he sat on the edge. Harlem went to sit on the side of him, but he pulled her in front of him instead.

“You comfortable?” Enzo asked her.

“Yeah. You’re fucked up,” she chuckled.

“Man,” he dragged with a slight chuckle. “I am for real. You had me drinking all that Hennessey now you gotta take care of me.”

Harlem twisted in his embrace. “Oh, no. Don’t blame me. That was you not buying anything to chase it with,” she laughed.

Enzo shook his head. “Real niggas don’t need chasers’ baby. It’s all good though. You got me. Right?”

He called me baby.

“Um, yeah. I got you.”

Pulling her closer, Harlem was damn near sitting in his lap. Wrapping his arms back around her waist, Enzo placed a kiss against the nape of her neck. He was infatuated with the curve of her neck and how femininely defined her shoulders looked in her halter. Her golden brown hued skinned was so sexy to him, he just felt the need to touch her and was glad Harlem let him.   

“I knew you would.”

Before she had time to register what he just did, he was lowly rapping Messy Marv in her ear, swaying them back and forth.

“She got on timbs, waistline real skinny, but when she take off her clothes her body real pretty. Would you ride if a nigga couldn’t buy you Chanel? Get you the Prada and put the paint on your nails? Fuck you real good and put you in a coupe,” he rapped lowly before kissing and sucking all over her neck.

“E-Enzo,” Harlem breathed out trying not to close her eyes. When he softly bit her earlobe, she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth to keep from moaning out.

“You feel good wrapped in my arms. Soft ass skin.”

Speaking wasn’t something Harlem was trying to do. Even if she could formulate a sentence, as delirious as he had her right now, she was sure it would make no sense at all if spoken. Giving her one last peck, Enzo lifted up licking his lips. Harlem tried turning around to face him, but he held her in place.

“Nah. Stand still. You got my dick hard as fuck,” he groaned trying to adjust himself.

Giggling nervously, Harlem lifted up some to help him out. This side of him had turned her on to the extreme and it kind of scared her. She was still a virgin and had no plans on losing her virginity, but young Enzo had her reconsidering at the moment.


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