Feenin' For a G Sneak Peek

“Look, I know I offered to fix you dinner, but you are not about to come in here with an attitude. Let’s get that straight, first.”
“Hello to yo mean ass too. Can I come in?” He gave me a forced smile, and I rolled my eyes.
“Can you fix your face, first? You were just fine when we talked earlier.”
He ran a hand over his long beard – one that I so badly wanted to pull on – and let out a sigh. Work must have stressed him out. A genuine grin was replaced, and I stepped to the side to let him in.
“I had a long day of bullshit. Don’t think I’m not happy to see you.”


He stopped in the main entry way and looked me over. His eyes damn near burned a hole into me, from staring so hard. From the way his eyes were dancing over my body, I knew the look was appreciative, but damn. I felt my heart beating much faster than it should and knew I needed to get out of this area quick. Dyami was looking too damn good with his two braids to the back, and edges slightly rough. I couldn’t wait to grip that shit. Wait… what? Okay, time to eat.
“You hungry?” I asked, walking ahead of him to the kitchen.
“What you think I’m here for.”

I turned around to say something smart, but bumped right into his hard chest. My eyes bucked open, but he caught me by the small of my back before I could bust my ass. The thin material of my shirt made it much easier to feel his big hands on my body, making me hot all over. We were too close. His hands were too soft, and it had been far too long since I had some dick for him to be touching me like this. I needed him to back up, but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled me into his hard frame, and smacked my ass with the other hand.

“What the fu-”
“You look so damn good,” he…growled? That had to be a growl. “And all this ass. This hair.”
He dug the hand he had around my waist into my scalp and massaged it slowly. At this point, I didn’t care if we ate or not. I had some other things in mind. Things that didn’t involve clothing.
“Dyami,” I whispered, not recognizing my own voice. He had my ass gone already.
“Yes, Ms. Lindsey?”
“T-The food. It’s going to get cold.”

BriAnn Nero