Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up this morning with tons of scenes to write about, seeing as though many of my characters are mothers, now. But, one of the most relevant characters stuck out to me. My mother passed away from Lupus, a Cancer that took stole her life at such a young age. I used to question why her when I was younger, but I stopped. He needed her more than this world did. Though my biological mom is not physically with me, my mama (I don't call her stepmom) has never made me feel like I was without one. Some days are hard... like today, but I called my mama up and she simply talked to me like we always do and I feel much better. So much so, that I was able to write; which I haven't done all week. A mother's love is greater than anything in this world, and I'm so grateful for the two I get to call my own. I hope every every Mother reading this knows that she is appreciated! Enjoy your day, and this Mother's Day scene! 


            May fourteenth. The significance of the date for more than a few people around the world means so much more than a day to celebrate, show appreciation and love to mother’s who sacrificed their bodies and more for another life. For some, it means much more than buying a bouquet of roses and a card to express the gratitude a child felt for their creator. For Meechi, his mother’s sacrifice is a feeling he has to live with for the rest of his life.

            On bended knee, a tear slipped from his eye. There was no use in wiping it, because after the first fell, others rapidly cascaded down Meechi’s cheeks. This day, and many others were tough for him. The murder of Kamille, the woman who helped him become the man he is today, was still a very touchy subject. So much so, that Meechi struggled with getting out of the bed this morning, but he knew he needed to visit her. Needed to be in her presence, even if it weren’t the physical.

            Using the back of his hand, he wiped the last tear from his cheek and cracked a smile. “You got me out here crying,” he chuckled lightly. The cemetery was completely empty at this time of morning; the way he liked for it to be.

            “Happy Mother’s Day, Ma. It’s been seven years, and a nigga still feel lost without you.” Choking back on his words, Meechi squeezed his eyes shut. It didn’t matter how many years it had been, the loss of his mother wasn’t a feeling he could shake. The pain was more evident on some days than others, but he was pushing through.  

            “I feel lost some days too, son.”

            So lost in his thoughts, Meechi had no clue of his pops arrival. This day and every other day was tough for BM as well. Not only had his children lost their mother, but he lost his wife. His best friend. His soulmate. The only woman who knew his soul. As he lay awake for majority of the night, reminiscing, going through old videos of the family and smoking a blunt, he had shed a few tears as well. Some of sadness, but happy tears as well. Kamille lived a great life, and though it was cut short, BM knew she was in a better place.

            Looking over his shoulder, Meechi gave him a subtle head nod. BM knew his son would be here this morning, but if he hadn’t, Erica had called to give him the heads up. Had Daiya not still been sleeping, and the child in her womb not have her exhausted as ever, she would have been right by Meechi’s side.

            “It was supposed to be me right here,” Meechi hissed, as BM kneeled beside him.

            “Don’t say that, shit. You don’t ever question what He has control over.”

            BM wasn’t very spiritual, but he learned a long time ago not to question the inevitable. If it was someone’s time to go, he knew He needed them more than this world did. Once he realized that, he coped much better.

            Meechi shook his head. “Shit ain’t right. She had so much life left, Pops. Grandchildren. Kam graduated from college. Don starting college. Daiya’s first steps, first words. Man, shit is dead wrong.”

            “It is, but you have to live for everyone you just named. Kamryn and Donell know who their mother is. She did any and everything for ya’ll. Daiya knows her too. You think she has her first name, as a middle name for no reason? Your child acts just like Kamille,” BM chuckled, with a shake of his head, making Meechi do the same.

            “Bossy as hell.”

            “And loving as ever. It’s your mother’s day, but you also have a very pregnant fiancée at home who is a mother as well. Kamille knows you love her, Meech. I ain’t saying you can’t cry and shit, but she’s good. Proud of you, too. The man you are today was all we ever wanted you to be. All she used to pray for.”

            Standing to his feet, Meechi looked his pops over who had a serious expression on his face. Shaking his head, he pulled BM into a hug.

            “You know what you be talking about sometimes.”

            BM chuckled. “Shit, I always know what I’m talking about. Love you son.”

            “Love you too, pops. What you got in your hand?” Meechi gestured to the bag he was holding. BM smiled.

            “Ah, just some decorations for her tombstone. You know she’d have a fit if we left her looking regular,” he chuckled. It was the truth though. Regardless if she wasn’t alive, BM knew his wife’s style and wanted to do her up right for the day. She deserved that.

            Meechi grinned, hoping he could be as great of a husband as his pops was when that time came. And it was coming, soon. “So, E called you huh?”

            “Yeah. She was about to come up here to check on you, but I told her to stay in bed. She too damn big to be chasing after you and Daiya.”

            “Alright. Don’t let her hear you say that.”

            BM laughed. “She knows it’s nothing but love. I’ll slide by later with her gifts. Your grandma wants me to run her around today.”

            “I’m already knowing. Auntie cooking?” he questioned, talking about Sen’s mama.

            “Nah. She told Sen to kiss her ass if he thought she was cooking on her day. Nigga act like he don’t have a woman at home.”

            Meechi could only shake his head. Shaniyah had spoiled Sen’s ass, and his twin sisters did make it any better. “Once E up and dressed, we gone slide to grandma’s. I got a few gifts for everybody.”

            BM nodded his head. “Alright. Tell Daiya to call me when she wakes up.”

            “Like she needs me to tell her that,” Meechi chuckled.

            Once in his truck, he sat idle for a second. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his phone from the cup holder and dialed Erica on FaceTime. On the second ring, she answered with a yawn.

            “Hey. You okay?” she questioned softly. Meechi nodded his head.

            “Yeah. Happy Mother’s Day, baby. Thank you for being the woman you are. The woman Daiya looks up to and adores so much. A nigga appreciates you more than words will allow me to express.”

            Erica swallowed hard. She was used to hearing Meechi speak that way to her, but it never got old. Plus, she was a sucker for sweet nothings. Especially from him.

            “Thank you. You know I appreciate you, more. I wouldn’t be a mommy without your help,” she said, giving him a sneaky grin.

            “I’ll be home in ten minutes,” he said making her laugh.

            “What’d you get me this year? You know I don’t need anything.”

            Meechi grinned. “I know you don’t, but I’ma bless you with this dick first, then you can open all ten gifts your daughter and I got you.”

            Erica bit her bottom lip. The first gift would be enough for her. “Ten? You let her do whatever,” she laughed.

            “You know how we do. Ya’ll just better come correct come Father’s Day.”

            “Oh hush. That’s not until next month. Now, hurry up and get home before your daughter tries to cockblock me from my first gift.”

            Meechi chuckled, with a lick of his lips. “That’s why you pregnant now, Ma.”

            Erica smiled and lowered the camera to her round belly. The only thing in the camera at first were boobs and a smile. “Just trying to reproduce these smart, beautiful, strong, resilient, black Queens and Kings of yours, and be a good mother. That’s all.”

            “You’re more than good, baby, know that. Best mother my kids could have.”








BriAnn Nero