Father's Day 2019 - DeLano Trevino Edition

Enjoy ladies! And, before you start making requests… the answer is no. Haha! Love yall!

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What do you get a man who practically has everything?


Those were Anika’s thoughts as she wrapped up the remainder of Lano’s gifts. Father’s Day was in a week, and her planning for the perfect day started the day Legacy was born. She was so happy to have her little baby and her man, there wasn’t a day Anika hadn’t thanked God for them both.

Legacy was the missing piece of her life Anika never knew she needed. As adamant as she was about not having kids, there was no going back once she found out she was carrying such a blessing. Placing the last piece of tape on the second box of cologne she’d purchased, Anika grinned as Legacy yawned and tugged at his head full of hair. He’d be four months next week, and Anika was happy yet saddened by how fast he was growing.

“Hey mommy’s baby,” Anika cooed, causing Legacy to grin widely. “You can thank your daddy for all of that hair on your head. That ain’t from my side.”

Chuckling, she picked him up from the bed and kissed his cheek. Just as she began to breastfeed him, her cell vibrated loudly on the nightstand. Seeing that it was Maliya calling on Facetime, she answered the call.

“Hey! Where’s my baby,” she smiled and Anika rolled her eyes.

“I swear that’s all you hoes call for now. What about me? I’m his mother.”

Maliya laughed and Amiya spoke up in the background. “Girl, fuck you. We ain’t call to talk to you. Put my little stinker’s face in the camera.”

“Just for that, I’m not walking in y’alls little fashion show,” Anika grumbled. “Plus, he’s eating right now unless you want to see my boob.”

“Don’t nobody wanna see them big ass titties,” Neicey cracked peeking into the screen. “What’s up, girl.”

“I’m about to hang up on y’all.”

“Nooo,” Maliya whined. “I called you to see Legacy and to let you know he and Lano’s outfits are ready.”

Plopping down in the rocking chair in Legacy’s room, Anika propped the phone up on the small dresser near it and sighed. “Good. If I buy one more thing for this man, he’s gonna think I’m crazy.”

“No he won’t,” Neicey told her. “This is only his first one. You have sooo many more to go.”

“Mind you, I’ve never even got my own father something for Father’s Day, so… this shit is blowing me,” Anika huffed.

She remembered back in kindergarten and even elementary, where she had hand-crafted her own personal card for her absentee dad and the nigga never once acknowledged her efforts. Anika was so hurt, she vowed to never make, buy, or praise the man who was supposed to be the first man she loved ever again. He was her first heartbreak, but damn sure her last.

“You’ll be fine,” Neicey waved her off. “Just give that nigga some pussy. Ain’t that what you told Solai one year?”

Anika laughed. “Nah. That’s not enough.”

“Says who? Sen’s ass is spoiled, girl. He gone get whatever I give him.”

Anika tooted her lips out. “And, what’d you get him?”

“She bought him a damn yacht,” Maliya damn near yelled. She was still in disbelief.

Jaw dropped, Anika laughed so loud. “Bitch,” she hollered. “Why would you buy him a yacht? We live in fucking Missouri; not near no damn ocean.”

Neicey shrugged. “When he’s getting on my nerves, him and his kids can fly their asses to the nearest ocean.”

“Shoulda bought his ass a jet. Y’all got mooooney,” Anika chuckled.

“You know what… let me see if I can exchange this damn thing. A jet will get him out of my face much quicker.”

Anika shook her head as Maliya took back over the conversation. “They are crazy. I can drop the outfits off to you, if you want.”

Yes, please. I do not feel like getting out the house again. Me and Legacy are in the crib for the day.”

Popping his lips from around her nipple, Legacy looked at the screen with low eyes the color of Lano’s, looking identical to him in every way and yawned. Adjusting her bra, Anika snickered.

“All he does is eat, shit, and sleep.”

“Sounds perfect,” Maliya giggled. “I’ll be over there in ‘bout an hour.”

“Okay. Call when you’re pulling up so I can meet you at the door.”

Maliya told her she would, and they hung up. Patting Legacy’s back, he let out a grown man belch, making Anika’s eyes widen in surprise.

“That was a good one, Papa.” She’d decided to call him Papa instead of Papi. That name was reserved for Lano only.

After giving Legacy a bath, hiding Lano’s gifts, and tiding up there bedroom, Anika was ready for bed herself. Being a mother was hard. Not the hardest thing in the world, but there were plenty of days, nights, mornings, afternoons, and evenings where Anika had shed tears. She hadn’t been so in tune with her emotions in a while, but a baby will definitely change that. Her hormones were up and down, but she’d struggled, sacrifice, lose sleep, and cry for the rest of her life if she had to. Legacy was her greatest gift from the Man above.


“Bae,” Lano called out, walking into their bedroom.

He’d just gotten home and let Maliya in, who’d been standing outside waiting for five minutes. That quickly, Legacy and Anika had fallen asleep. Hovering over her face, Lano grinned and kissed her plush lips. Pecking them again, Anika groaned and peeled her eyes open. Smiling, she looked over at Legacy to see if he was still asleep. Like she knew he wouldn’t be, his eyes were wide open, staring up at his daddy.

“Hey, baby,” Anika cooed, inhaling his masculine scent. “You just got here?”

“Yeah. Maliya downstairs waiting on you.”

“Oh, damn. I done fell asleep on this girl.”

Sitting up, she picked Legacy up from the side of her and Lano eagerly swooped him up. “What up, my boy. You was keeping an eye on ya mama for me? That’s what you gotta do when I’m not here.”

Anika’s heart melted every single time those two interacted. Legacy was so aware and in tune with Lano was saying, she swore he’d been here before.

“I’ll be right back,” Anika told him, preparing to head to the bathroom to brush her teeth, but he grabbed her around the waist.

“Gimmie a kiss first,” Lano smirked, letting his hand roam down to her booty. The biker shorts she had on had her ass sitting so fat; Maliya needed to hurry up and get what she came for.

Staring up at him in those dark brown, loving, mysterious eyes, Anika’s body heated with desire. Poking her lips out, she gave him a smooch while he rubbed on her ass. Giving it a smack, he said, “Hurry up. I miss you.”

“You ain’t been gone long, DeLano.”

“You heard what I said Nik. You see she trying to be grown, Papa? She knows better, huh?” Lano asked his son as if he could reply.

Shaking her head with a grin, Anika headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth, before heading down stairs. Breastfeeding always made her hungry afterwards and had her body snatched. Once Maliya gave her their outfits, she was definitely about to make them dinner.

“Hey, girl. I swear you don’t look like you even had a baby,” Maliya smiled, as they hugged.

“Girl, yes I do. My hips are wider than they’ve ever been.”

“Legacy got you fine, honey. Let me guess; Lano has him?”

Anika snickered. “You already know. Holler for him to come down here. After I see what’s in this bag first.”

“I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will, boo. Thanks so much.”




Father’s Day


“If this nigga opens up one more gift, I know something,” Sen fussed.

“Here your hating ass go, again,” Anika laughed.

Sen sucked his teeth. “Never that. I’ma let you enjoy this first Father’s Day, cus. But believe me, they ain’t always this extravagant.”

Neicey slapped him in the back of his head. “You better remember that shit when it’s your turn. I should take my gift back.”

Snuggling up next to her, Sen kissed on her neck and whispered in her ear. “I’m playing bae. Chill.”

Neicey pushed him away from her. “Nope. Next year your ass is getting a homemade card and that’s it.”

“That’s all he deserves anyway,” Juvie laughed.

The tradition to spend whatever holiday is was together as a family was still a big deal. All of the men had separately opened gifts at home that morning, before all the family headed to Lano and Anika’s crib. They were the only couple who hadn’t hosted many gatherings and had damn near the biggest crib.

“A’ight, I think this is the last one,” Anika said, getting jittery.

Lano had already opened five gift boxes and this last one was kind of heavy. Eyeing her, she blew her man a kiss. Unwrapping the box, Lano immediately noticed the emblem on the box right away. All the men did. They’d been gifted and purchased jewlery from Shyne Jewelers on more than one occasion.

“Ah, shit. Anika done iced her boo out,” Neicey beamed.

Pulling the top off the box, the VVS diamonds in the pendant damn near blinded Lano and everyone sitting close to him. Meechi let out a whistle in appreciation. The pendant was fully iced out with a picture of Lano and Legacy in the middle. On the back, Trevino, was embedded in blue bold font. They both had mean mugs on their faces and was one of Anika’s favorite pictures. She posted it this morning on her IG and even had it saved as her phones lock screen.

Nodding his head in approval and gratitude, Lano leaned over and kissed her cheek. “This shit bussin’ Nik. That’s how you coming, huh?”

Anika blushed. “I mean, it’s your first Father’s Day, so you know.”

“That’s right! Ice that nigga out, Nik,” Neicey cheered.

The crew laughed as Lano placed the pendant back in the box. Reaching into his pocket, Anika thought he was grabbing his phone, when really he was…

“Oh my gosh,” she whispered, as Lano lowered himself to one knee on the ground.

Hollers, handclaps, and cheers echoed around them. Anika’s eyes watered as she tuned everything out except the feel of Lano’s hand on her thigh, the magnetic gaze in his eyes, and smile on his face.

“I can’t be the only one around here iced out, can I?” Lano questioned, and Anika vehemently shook her head no.

“My nigga,” Sen grinned, patting him on the back with his phone out recording.

The men knew all along that Lano was going to be proposing soon; they just didn’t know when. Holding the ring box in his hand, Lano cleared his throat and wiped the few tears that dripped from her face. Seeing her so emotional only confirmed what his heart, body and soul was experiencing. Lano was calm as ever as he grabbed Anika’s hand. Affectionately, he kissed it, staring her in the eyes. He’d knew she was going to be his wife the day he almost beat Krew’s ass inside the cupcake shop. Those were there wild days, but he knew then that Anika was the one for him. Even when she tried to act like she wasn’t.

“Nik, baby,” Lano began making her sniffle harder. “You should’ve already known this day was coming. You’ve been by my side riding with a nigga for so long, never once folded, held me down while I was in jail and gave me an even bigger reason to love you more. My Legacy,” he spoke, clearing his aching throat.

He was trying not to let his emotions get the best of him.

“Not only are you loyal, but you’re ambitious, confident, and possess every trait I never knew I needed in a woman. You’re it for me, girl. There’s not too many words I can say to prove my love to you. Give you my undying love and commitment. My mothafuckin’ heart and soul, Nik. That shit is yours. Has been for a while now.

When these streets out here did a nigga cold, you was right there by my side keeping a nigga’s head above water. There’s nothing I could possibly give you to show you how much I appreciate you, but I hope I’m doing my best. You’re my fuckin’ world, bae.”

“Awwww, Papi,” Anika sniffled, wiping the tear that fell from his eye. “You’re my entire world too. You and Legacy.”

“You ain’t supposed to be talking girl,” Neicey hissed making the crew chuckle.

Lano shook his head and continued. “On Papa, I’m make sure I provide for you and ours until I take my last breath. Even then, you gon’ be well taken care of cause you’re mine. There’s nothing I’d love more on my first Father’s Day, than you taking this ring from me and letting me change your last name, Nik. Will you marry me, Anika Smith?”

“Yes, DeLano Trevino. I sure in the hell will marry you!”

Hopping from her seat, Anika didn’t give him any room or time to slide the finger on her hand. Smashing her lips into his, the two kissed like there was no one in the room. When Lano felt his dick rock up, he pulled away and smooched her lips. Breathlessly, Anika gave him the type of look that let Lano know she was so damn proud to be his woman.

“I love you so fucking much, boy,” she cooed, as he slid the diamond pearl shaped ring onto her finger.

Anika thought she had done something with the pendant she copped him, but the rock on her finger was heavy as hell. The rock was literally weighing her finger down.

“Damn, that hoe bussin’ like that?” Sen said.

“You already know how I’m coming, cuz,” Lano chuckled, pulling Anika into him. Whispering in her ear he said, “I love you too, Nik. Gon’ have me fuck around and put another baby inside your sexy ass.”

Giggling into his neck, Anika didn’t even care. “You can get as many babies out of me as you want Papi. I’m all yours, right?”

Pulling his head back to look at her, Lano licked his juicy lips and smirked. “Yeah… that’s right. You about to me Mrs. DeLano mothafuckin’ Trevino.”

Anika smiled hard, showing all her teeth. “Fucking right!”

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