Seasoned Sunday: Couple One

This was something cute I thought about just for an update on a few of our favorite couples. I'll try to post one every other Sunday, but I'm not making any promises. Enjoy! 


Positioned on their living room couch, Meechi and Erica sat comfortably watching TV. They were chilling for the day until it was time to pick Lil’ Meechi up from BM’s crib. Whenever BM called for his grandkids, Lil’ Meechi was the first one running to the door. Unlike his big sister, Daiya had other plans. She wanted to stay home with her parents.

 Sitting Indian style between Meechi’s outstretched legs, Erica scrolled her Facebook timeline. She had no clue how some of the folks made it on her page, and every so often she’d delete a few people she knew didn’t know her. As Meechi stretched, she glanced upward and smirked. His chocolate defined chest was on display, the shorts he was wearing sat lowly on his hips and even on soft, Erica peeped the imprint of his large dick. The dick she couldn’t stay off of to save her life.

“What you looking at?” Meechi’s deep voice caused her to grin harder.

“You know what I’m looking at.”

Grinning, he shook his head and gripped his dick. “This what you want?”

“Look who all on my live trying to get freaky on this Sunday,” Erica said with a giggle. She had gone live as soon as he looked her way. Only recording from the chest up, her viewers didn’t have a clear shot of him caressing his dick.

“Daddy!” Daiya yelled out running from down the hall. Meechi hurriedly moved his hand and Erica snickered.

“What’s up, baby? Me and yo mama spending quality time.”

“I broke something on my car and I can’t fix it,” Daiya whined.

Her 8-month old Hershey chocolate Shih Tzu came trotting behind her. It was a Christmas gift to his baby girl from Meechi, and Daiya would never forget to remind you of it.

“Can you not fix it, or did you not try?” he asked.

Daiya shrugged. “Both.”

Laughing, Erica held the camera on the first two loves of her life. Her friends and family were commenting at how cute their relationship was, and how Meechi was such a lucky man. To her, Erica was the lucky one. She thanked God everyday for the man he had unexpectedly placed in her life at such perfect timing.

“Aight, Dai. I’ll be in there in a minute. Go play with something else while I talk to your mama.”

“Okay,” she replied before she and Mocha made their way back down the hall to their playroom.

“That dog is attached to her hip,” Erica voiced.

“Like you are to mine. What you got me all on your live for?” he asked, trying to snatch the phone from her hand. Succeeding, Meechi placed the camera on Erica who just shook her head.  

“After all these years, I can still make her blush like we just met,” he voiced, and a bunch of hearts appeared on the screen.


“What’s up, E? Tell the people what we doing on this good Sunday, baby.”

“We’re chilling, and his daughter is cockblocking.”

Meechi cracked up laughing before flipping the camera around. Erica crawled over to him and laid on his side, before placing a kiss on his cheek.

“She wanna be all up under me all the time, ya’ll. She be trying to front.”

“Oh, hush. You be all on me. The reason why I’m like this now,” she said and rubbed her protruding belly.

Licking his lips, Meechi rubbed it as well before rubbing his dick on her bare leg. Erica’s eyes bucked. “Nah. This why you like that. Plus, I can’t help that I have the sexiest wife in the world. I want you to have all my kids. I think we can go for two more.”

“Two more! Nigga, please,” Erica fussed.

“Aight Facebook. She acting up, so tell your little viewers bye,” he commanded and Erica rolled her eyes, but waved.

“Bye, ya’ll. Happy Sun-” before she could finish, Meechi ended the live and placed her phone on the carpet.

Squeezing her ass cheeks, Meechi massaged them both in his large hands and nestled his face in the crook of her neck. Even after cooking them brunch and lounging around all day, she smelled fresh out of the shower.

“I love the fuck out of you,” he hissed, and smacked her ass loudly. Slowly, he turned her over on her side so her ass was positioned against his erection.

“Bae,” Erica groaned, as he lifted the sleep shirt she was wearing. “Dai could walk in here.”

“She won’t.”

And, that was the truth. Once Meechi said something to Daiya, he didn’t have to repeat himself. At least not today. Lifting her leg up, Meechi slid into her with ease and bit down on his bottom lip.

“Shit,” she hissed as he went deep. Erica felt him all in her belly.

Gripping the front of her neck, Meechi slow stroked and made love to the pussy. She was already pregnant, three months to be exact, and if she wasn’t he was more than likely going to knock her up again. He couldn’t help himself.

“Oh my gooosh! I love you,” Erica cried out in a hush as he sat them up. She was now bouncing up and down with her feet positioned on each side of his legs.


“Fuck!” Meechi gritted through clenched teeth.

“Shhh. I’m c-cumming!”

“Cum then. Let that shit go.”

No quicker than the words left his lips, Erica’s legs were shaking and Meechi had to hold onto her frame tighter, so she wouldn’t fall on her face. He was busting his nut shortly after her and wasn’t tripping one bit at how fast he had come. That’s what quickies were for, right?

Breathing hard, Erica leaned back against his chest as he rubbed her belly and kissed her neck. “Shit. I’m sleepy now. You think BM will bring your son home?” she asked yawning.

Meechi couldn’t answer right away. He was damn near sleep himself. The pussy had him ready to KO already.

“Meechi,” Erica hissed, nudging him.

“Huh? Yeah. I mean, nah. I’ll go get him. Me and Dai will go so you can take a nap,” he replied.

Leaning her head back, Erica kissed the corner of his mouth as he helped her down from her squatting position. “Thank you, baby. I love you more. More than anything in this world, besides my kids.

“Oh, them your kids now?” Meechi laughed.

“Mhm. They just look like you.”

“That’s alright. This one right here is going to be a boy.”

Erica rolled her eyes, and Meechi slapped her thigh. She didn’t care what gender this next baby was; only prayed for it to be healthy. It’d be loved and well taken care of regardless. If she had a choice, though, she’d want it to be a boy as well. Ms. Daiya Kamille was two handfuls and spoiled to the point where she barely listened to Erica. That was until she reached the age to get her butt spanked.

“I’ll be happy with whatever we have,” she voiced.

Meechi kissed her neck. “I know you will. Yo ass don’t have a choice but to be.”