Sample Sunday: A Senful Wedding

Smiling, Neicey nodded her head and grabbed her phone. Going to her videos, she pulled up one of Lani walking to Sen as he cheered her own. Sen was such a good daddy and Neicey still couldn’t believe they had been blessed with not one, but two children at once. No one could ever try to convince her that God wasn’t real.

“She sure does. Unt, unt,” Neicey said peeping Daiya’s little head peek out from the bottom of the steps. “You know you’re not supposed to be down here.”

Looking toward the steps, Erica peeped her daughter’s sad expression and waved her over. Mostly all of the toys had been wrapped so she wouldn’t see anything.

“What’s wrong Mommy’s princess?” she asked as Daiya sat on her lap.

“I’m bored.”

Erica faked shock. “Bored? How are you bored when you have all those toys in your room, an iPad, books to read, a TV, and a little brother. You can’t be that bored Daiya Kamille,” she said tickling her belly.

Laughing, Dai squealed out, “I ammm, Mommy.”

“What’s Senny doing?” Neicey asked and Daiya shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. Him and Daddy were talking.”

“Hmm. Well let’s call Daddy and see if he can take you to get some ice cream.”

Clapping her hands, Daiya cheered up immediately. Upstairs in the living room where Daiya had snuck past them both, Meechi and Sen were so in tune with their conversation regarding Lano’s case, they hadn’t noticed her get by them.

“Look, all I’m saying is, it don’t take shit for us to slide on them niggas for some answers. Lano been in there what? A good seven months? Niggas ain’t near worried about someone retaliating. Not us anyway,” Sen said, still not over the fact that his cousin was locked up.

Someone was snitching or doing something that wasn’t in the favor of Lano being released and he wasn’t feeling that shit. Meechi wasn’t either, but he wasn’t flying across the map about it. He’d already talked to Lano and kept him levelheaded every time they spoke. Meechi was an old-head, an OG in the game. Though he could bust his gun like and damn near better than Lano, he had a family. They all had families and that’s what he needed Sen to realize.

“I’m not fucking with it, Sen. On the real, you shouldn’t either. You about to get married, got kids and been out this street shit for a minute. We go down there and stir some shit up, next thing you know we locked up right with Lano’s ass. Erica is not about to kill me,” he chuckled but was dead serious.

Sen sucked his teeth and ran a hand down his face. “A’ight. Fuck it. I’ma chill, but his lawyer need to come up with some better answers the next time I call his punk ass.”

“Everything gon’ play out watch and see. It’s gon’ be when we least expect it,” Meechi said as his phone rang with an incoming FaceTime call from Erica. “Wife” flashed across the screen before he answered it.

“Need me to get Mekhi?” Is the first thing Meechi asked and it melted Erica’s heart.

“No, babe. He’s sleeping. It’s your other child who needs attention. I thought I asked you not to let them come down here.”

Panning the camera to Daiya who was nestled in Erica’s lap, she shot Meechi an innocent grin. “Hi, Daddy.”

Meechi didn’t grin back. “What chu’ doing down there Dai? What I tell you when you went to your room?”

Feeling like she was getting in trouble, her eyes swelled with tears and she sniffled. “To not bother Mommy while she’s downstairs.”

“A’ight. When I tell you something, that’s what I mean.”

Her lone tear fell and Erica shook her head. “Okay,” Daiya replied softly. “Can you take me to go get ice cream? It’s for me, Mommy, and Neicey.”

Sen chuckled and grabbed the phone out of Meechi’s hand. “What I tell you about all that crying. We too tough for that shit. Wipe yo’ face and go put your shoes and coat on so we can slide out.”

“My daddy didn’t say yes, though.”


“Man, give me this phone,” Meechi huffed snatching his shit back. “I’m her daddy, nigga. Let me act that way with Lani and you’ll be ready to lose it.”

“They bicker like females,” Neicey said as she and Erica both shook their heads and snickered.

“You act like that with my son, cuz. He don’t even fool with me when you around,” Sen defended himself.

Meechi smirked. “SJ a real one that’s why. Baby,” he called out and Erica and Daiya both said yes.

Laughing, Meechi clarified who he was talking to. “Not you Dai. E, you want some ice cream or that’s all your daughter’s doing?”

“What I really want I can’t have until our company leaves, but I’ll settle with ice cream for now.”

“Shit, they can bounce. Fuck them presents for real,” Meechi said meaning every word.

“Y’all need to quit. That’s how you got him right there,” Neicey hated, pointing to Mekhi who was stirring in his sleep.

“Aye. You mind your business and bring yo’ ass upstairs. We gotta go get the kids from Maliya’s house.”

Neicey’s head swiveled from the right, then to the left. “Who he talking to Dai?”

She giggled. “You. Ain’t that right, Senny?”

“Damn right.”

Neicey rolled her eyes. “Y’all are sickening. Why you let them get this close?”

Erica didn’t know who she was directing her question to, but she wasn’t answering. Couldn’t answer rather. Her eyes were transfixed on Meechi as she watched him run a hand over his beard and lick his lips. Just like wine, he was aging better with time. His brown skin was blemish free, lips full, eyes in a natural squint and just sexy as hell. Erica’s body grew warm just thinking of the love they made yesterday morning right when Mekhi fell asleep.

“You better stop looking at me like that woman,” he teased giving her a wink.

“Dai, go put your shoes on so Sen can get you some ice cream,” she said now standing to her feet.

Laughing, Neicey stood up too. “Nope. We’re about to go home.”

“Bitch, you live up the street.”

“Awwww, that’s a bad word Mommy,” Daiya cooed.

Erica sighed and said sorry before flipping Neicey off on the sly. “A’ight. Remember that when you want me to watch the twins.”

“I’m playing, dang! Meechi, please come handle her hot ass,” Neicey laughed and lightly shoved Erica as she stood up and made her way toward the steps.

Meechi stood from the couch and he and Sen slapped hands. “I’ll fuck with you later. Bae, what kind of ice cream you want?”


“You don’t even… oh,” he chuckled and shook his head. “Bet that. Aye, get Lil Meechi a vanilla cup with chocolate syrup.”

“I ain’t getting his bad ass shit,” Sen laughed just as Lil Meechi raced down the hallway.

“Don’t do my baby like that. Take him with y’all please. All I need is five minutes.”

Cocking his head back, Meechi twisted his lips up like she was lying. “Five minutes? Nah. You owe down. Give me twenty minutes and we good.”

“That’s just about how long we should take. Now, when I call, you better answer or I’m dropping them off on the porch and we speeding off,” Neicey said making them chuckle.

“I’m sure they’d find a way to get in.”

“Oh, believe me. They would. Look who their crazy cousin is?”

Sen smacked Neicey on the booty. “I ain’t crazy no more. Come on y’all. Lil Meechi, go put some shoes on.”

“No!” he hollered and Meechi gave him that look. All it took was for one look and it had him running back down the hallway where he came from. Minutes later he reappeared with a pair of Cars house shoes in his hand. Meechi chuckled.

“Those are good enough. Bae, I’m on my way down there.”

“Hurry up before cockblocker number three wakes up,” she whispered.

“What’s a cockblocker?” Daiya asked and Sen laughed so loud, Erica had to turn her volume down.

“Don’t repeat that Daiya. I’m serious,” Meechi said, quickly getting into daddy mode with ease.

“Okay. Come on Meechi. I’ll pick you up. You can’t walk outside in your house shoes.”

Neicey grabbed the camera and looked at her friend with a smirk. “Whose daughter is she again?”

“Girl, someone’s. She is too much for me.”

“Me and you both. I’ll see later. Love you and thank you for everything. I sent you that email, too.”

“Okay. And no need to thank me. I love you too Mrs. Giordano to be,” Erica smiled as Sen pecked Neicey’s cheek.

“She better act like she fucking know what time it is.”

Playfully, Neicey rolled her eyes but she knew exactly what time is was. She was about to marry Sensay and be stuck with his crazy behind for life. But, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her life after falling in love with him had been nothing short of amazing.  


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