Short Story: Daydreaming & I'm Thinking Of You

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“Ava, I’m down the street. Literally two blocks away,” I spoke into the phone.

“You said you were going to be here an hour ago, bitch,” she hissed making me laugh.

I could never arrive anywhere on time. Regardless of how much time I gave myself to get ready, something always popped up. This time it was because my mama had me stopping by her house to pick my little brother up. He was trying to go over one of his little friend’s house, and she wasn’t about to let him use her car. I just so happened to be passing that way and involuntarily offered my services.

“I had to stop by and pick up Marc. What all did your mama cook?” I asked coming to a red light.

Ava and I have been friends since the tenth grade. She used to get picked on in school for the way she dressed. Last time I checked, school wasn’t a damn fashion show. I hated how people thought bullying was okay. The shit was disgusting. I stood up for her that day, and we fought the same group of females right after school before the buses could pull off. We’ve been tight since. Her mother was like a second mother to me, and her place was the spot to be at when she cooked. Ms. Shawnie could throw down.

“You’ll see when you get here.”


Looking in my rearview mirror, I tried detecting if the car behind me was blowing at me. The light was still red, so they couldn’t have.

“Aye!” Someone from the car next to me hollered out.

“Niggas are so thirsty,” I fussed as one guy tried to get my attention. Briefly, I looked his way before shaking my head no. The driver waved his hand for me to put my window down. He was handsome, but I was on a mission to get to some food.

“Girl, who is that blowing their horn at you?” Ava laughed, and the light turned green.

I peeled off through the light trying to speed away from them. Men from the area Ava grew up in and some men period didn’t know how to take no for an answer.

“Some dudes. I don’t know,” I shrugged turning right after passing two blocks. Coincidentally, the car with the two men inside turned right behind me. Just from being around Ava for so long and from being paranoid as hell, I passed up Ms. Shawnie’s crib that was the fourth from the corner and kept driving.

“Where you going?” Ava laughed as I flew past the house. “I’m looking out the window.”

“I think that car is following me,” I said peeping my rearview seeing they weren’t behind me anymore. Instead, they were pulling into the vacant houses driveway across the street from Ms. Shawnie’s house.

Ava busted out laughing and hung up in my face. “What the hell,” I hissed busting a U-turn after stopping at the stop sign. I hated feeling like I was being followed. It was one of my greatest fears besides heights. The way women were getting snatched up in our city had me on all ten toes. I prayed I was never caught slipping.

Thankfully a car was pulling away from the curb when I made it back down the block. I parallel parked in their spot, hopped out and hit my locks. It was rather hot today, but the breeze was hitting just right making the heat somewhat bearable.

“Why would you hang up on me?” I asked Ava as she descended the steps.

“Because. Ain’t nobody was following yo scary ass.”

“Ava,” I chuckled. Ain’t nobody? That makes no sense.”

“You know what the hell I mean. It doesn’t make sense for you to be this damn scary. I know those niggas you were talking about.”

My face frowned. Being best friends and all, we knew majority of the same people. Her more so from her big family and me because of my older brother and daddy.

“How do you know them?” I said as we walked into the house.

“That’s Ashton’s god brother and his friend.”

Ashton is Ava’s older brother. He was only older by a few years but swore he was someone’s daddy. I’ve heard him mention a god brother before, but never saw or met him.

“Which one is he?” I asked before speaking to everyone in the living room and dining area.

“Getting thick ain’t you girl?” Ms. Shawnie smirked, giving me a hug. “Let me have to call your mama up.”

“I’m just eating good thanks to you,” I laughed. “Hi.”

“Mhm, hey honey. All the boys are downstairs.”

“Ma, can you make us a drink?”

“Your auntie is down there at the bar. I cooked all the food, hell. What else ya’ll want me to do around here? Fix to go plates?” she fussed, pushing Ava out of her space.

“I’ma remember that!” Ava yelled as we walked down the steps.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Ms. Shawnie shouted back making me laugh. I loved their relationship. Ms. Shawnie could fuss all she wanted, but she was going to be handing out Tupperware when the night winded down.

“Okay,” I spoke. “Which one is the god brother and which one is the friend?”

“The real light one, damn near white, with the beard is his god brother. The brown skin loud mouth one is the friend. All of the rest of these niggas you know,” Ava explained as we got to the bottom of the basement steps.

The strong smell of weed immediately infiltrated my nostrils making me sneeze. Laughter, music, and different conversations were all that could be heard. Quickly, I let my eyes scan the place. A few girls Ava knew from around the way were posted up at the bar on stools. Ashton’s girlfriend of the week was waving, and cheesing all hard at us.

“She’s friendly,” I snickered to Ava.

“Her vagina is too.”

I held my laugh back as Ashton made his way over to us. He and Ava could pass as twins; only he was much taller. Much skinner, too. Their wicker basket colored skin was the smoothest I had ever seen. Ashton’s left arm was covered in beautiful tattoo’s that were full of vibrant colors, while Ava’s right arm was decorated the same.  

“What’s up Kenzy,” Ashton beamed tossing an arm over my shoulder.

“Boy,” I laughed. “Are you drunk?”

“You know this nigga drinks like a fish,” Ava added as we made our way over to the guys she described to me on the steps.

Now up close to them, I had to admit they were good looking. But, I thought they were following me so that small detail didn’t matter before now. Pulling me in closer with his protective ass, Ashton introduced his friends.

“Sis, this my god brother Raaz and his boy Petey.”

“Why you ain’t roll yo window down for us,” the one who introduced as Petey asked with a smirk.

“I wasn’t interested,” I replied with a shrug and slight giggle. Ashton and Ava broke out laughing while Petey shook his head with a smile.

“Damn. Like that?” Petey questioned.

“Yeah, like that nigga. You know how thirsty it looks to try and get a girls’ number at a red light? Just take your L, Petey,” Ava intervened patting him on the shoulder like he had just come in second place in a race.

“Fuck on, Ava,” he spat pushing her hand away.

I chuckled before saying, “Well, it was nice to meet ya’ll, but I’m hungry and need a drink.”

“You too Shorty. Keep an eye on your friend,” Petey said and Ashton sucked his teeth with a glare on his face.

“Nah, nigga. You watch yourself. My sister is good,” he said pushing Ava away from them. “Get out our face and tell Moni to come here,”

“Who?” both Ava and I asked.

“The girl who’s mugging ya’ll by the bar. My girlfriend.”

Ashton smirked and I shook my head. We didn’t even know the girls name, so I knew she wasn’t going to last. Ava did the honors in telling her what Ashton said before we headed upstairs.

After fixing me a plate piled with almost everything, I sat at one of the tables lined up in the dining room area while Ava went outside to talk to her cousin. I was in beast mode smashing a rib when I felt someone staring at me from the doorway. Looking up, I covered my mouth before grabbing a napkin.

“Damn. Slow down, girl. That plate ain’t going nowhere.”

“It might,” I sassed back, biting into my rib again. He could stand there and stare all he wanted too. I wasn’t about to stop eating because he had come in the room. And, clearly he didn’t care.

Pulling the chair out across from me, Raaz took a seat and started up a conversation. One I clearly wasn’t trying to have. “You sexy as hell licking that sauce from your fingers.”

I rolled my eyes. “What a compliment.”

“It was and you should take it. I don’t give them out too often.”

“You should keep it then.”

He laughed and leaned back some in his chair. “I like that. You’re not easily impressed by a compliment. I expected for you to stop eating, but shit, you had other plans.”

“I don’t know what made you expect that. You came and sat in front of me after not introducing yourself or speaking,” I spoke back, now wiping my hands on one of the sanitary wipes Ms. Shawnie had placed on the tables.

“So, that’s the issue. You wanted me to speak to you first?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Not really. But, don’t expect me to hold a conversation with you while I’m in the middle of eating. You could have done that downstairs.”

Raaz leaned forward some, placing his upper body damn near over the entire table. I looked up into his face. A perfectly structured face, with a jawline so strong when he clenched his teeth, my womanly parts jumped down below. His cologne infiltrated my nostrils, overpowering the smell of the plate of food I had in front of me immediately. Daring, dark brown eyes looked down at me and I couldn’t help but to lick my lips. Raaz knew he was fine and I was staring at him trying to figure out where he was trying to take this conversation.

“I didn’t want to hold a conversation with you downstairs. I’m lowkey and don’t need everybody in my business. And, I plan to make you my business.”

His tone was matter of fact and I liked that; a lot. I loved a man who knew what he wanted, and went after it. Not in a creepy, doing too much type of way but the way Raaz had just approached me. So much so, that I ended up grabbing his chin hair and pulling him closer to me.

“I look forward to it.”

Raaz must have liked my answer, because the next thing I felt against my lips were his. Grabbing the back of my head, he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue in my mouth. If he hadn’t eaten, he was damn sure tasting everything I had indulged in.

“Mmm,” I moaned out as he bit my bottom lip before sucking on it to soothe the slight sting. His minty fresh breath tasted so good. I bet he tasted good period. His juicy lips had swallowed mine whole, but I wasn’t complaining.

We were sitting at the edge of the table, so he easily maneuvered his body in front of mine. Pulling my chair from under the table and standing between my legs, he broke our kiss. Breathless, I looked up at him feeling lost. He had kissed me so good I felt like I was on another planet. Raaz licked his lips before lowering himself to the ground.

“Lookout for me. I can't go another second without knowing how this pussy tastes,” he said huskily before snatching the black cotton shorts I had on, with one pull. “She fat, too.”

 My head turned so fast toward the entry of the dining room, I could have gotten whiplash. My eyes were trained there as well until I felt his warm, thick tongue drag up my entire vagina. I dropped my head forward to get a look, but it fell right back when he began sucking on my pearl.

His head of wavy hair was getting palmed by my right hand as I grinded into his face. Raaz didn’t miss a beat as he began twirling and stroking his tongue like professional violinist. I

“Oh shit, Raaz,” I moaned feeling myself about to come.

“Damn, Kenzy,” I heard and my eyes popped open. With my chest heaving up and down, I looked around the dining room area and it was completely empty. Standing in the entrance Raaz had a smirk on his face, and I hoped like hell he hadn’t heard me just moan his name.

“What?” I spat as if he was in the wrong while closing my legs that were spread dangerously far apart. I was in here tripping.

“You in here bashing that plate ain’t you?” he chuckled, pulling the chair across from me out. I wanted to protest but he asked, “You mind? A nigga ain’t trying to eat downstairs in the dark. I gotta see everything before it goes in my mouth.”

Ohmygawd. Had he known what he was just eating in my damn dream, I’d be sure to keep the light on for him. How was I daydreaming about a man I didn’t even know? It didn’t matter anyway. Raaz took his seat across from me, smirked and dug into his plate. Grabbing the drink Ms. Shawnie made me, I gulped it down not caring at all about the burn I felt when it went down. It was about to be a long night.


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