Thirsty Thursday: Entry 1

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Thirsty Thursdays started in my reading group earlier this month. Members would post a picture of a fine male then create a short story on how they met fictionally. I figured I'd start documenting mine to share on my website. Who knows... one may turn into a full-length book. *grins* This story was slightly different and not from a females POV, but I hope you enjoy!


Whoever said finding love in the club was spot on with their assumption. My boys and I had gone to Pure Nightclub one night on some “get out the house and see some hoes” type shit, but I ended up cuffing that night. A thick, brown-skinned cutie with chestnut-colored eyes and lips shaped like Meagan Good had stolen my attention for the night while she was out with her friends as well. One year later and we were damn near inseparable. So much so, that she’d try to spark an argument just to get me to stay at her crib.

“I’m not about to keep arguing with you Meka. You in your feelings over some petty bullshit.”

Crossing her arms over her perky breasts, Meka stared at me like I had lost my mind. Shit, maybe I had, but I wasn’t about to stand here and argue with her ass. I had to be at work in an hour.

“So my feelings don’t mean anything to you?” she pouted.

Sucking my teeth, I walked over to her. “Did I say that?”

She shook her head no.

“Nah, answer me. Did I say your feelings don’t mean anything?”

“No, but-”

“But nothing. We good, a’ight? Quit tripping over the petty shit when I’ve given you no reason to. You just wanna argue with a nigga, get mad and shit so we can have makeup sex,” I chuckled before pushing her back onto the bed.

With those sexy eyes that she loved to entice me with, Meka looked up at me, licked her plump lips and spread her legs. She was glistening wet, and I hadn’t even touched her yet. Not physically anyway.

“Maybe that’s what we need. I need some act right, daddy.”

Dropping my sweats, she scooting back some onto the bed. She was about to get the best quickie of her life. My head teased her pussy lips, and puffy clit as she sucked in a deep breath.

“Mm. Put him in,” she moaned out sexily.

“You put him in.”

Doing as she was told, she skillfully guided my dick inside. Giving her a few strokes, I bit my lip to hold my groan in. She was underneath throwing that pussy at me in slow motion, but I wasn’t trying to make love right now. We could save that shit for later. Right now, I was trying to make her cum quick so I could make it to work on time.  

“Ooh, baby. You’re so deep,” Meka whined pressing her hand against my waist to push me back some, but she should have known better.  

Slapping it away, I thrust deeper. “Shut up and take this dick.”

Her pretty fuck faces, tight, gushy pussy, and seductive moans had me ready to blow a gasket. Pressing down on her thighs, she squealed loudly when I hit her spot.  

“Yessss! Oh my gaww-”



“Open up this fucking door Meka!”

Looking toward her bedroom door, I stilled my movements as Meka sat up some in the bed. “Who is that?” I questioned.

“I don’t know.”

The look in her eyes told me she was lying, but I hoped she wasn’t. Not for my sake, but for hers. I hated a lying mufucka, and she knew that. Tucking my erection back inside my draws, I pulled my sweats up, snatched my gun from the dresser and walked over to the door.

“Rashad, don’t do anything stupid. Please,” she mumbled softly.

“Meka, open this mufuck-”

I snatched the door open before whoever it was could finish their sentence. The nigga tried barging his way in, but I pushed him back. When they were under the hallway light, I frowned.

“The fuck is you doing banging on her mufucking door, nigga?” I hissed. “Nah, matter fact. What you doing here period?”

He chuckled, and I grilled his ass even harder. “She ain’t tell you? I thought you were going to tell this nigga, Meka. And ya’ll been fucking?” he spat, trying to get past me again.

“You better watch yo tone,” I spoke sternly before looking at Meka who was now sliding a shirt over her head. “Fuck is up Mek? Why this nigga banging on your door and shit? I know your sister ain’t here.”

Meka blinked rapidly while taking glances at us both. “I don’t know. What’s up Corey? Dreka isn’t here.”

“Bitch,” he hissed with a chuckle, “I know she ain’t here. She at the mufucking hospital because you were on some dumb shit.”

“Meka, you better start making some sense of what this nigga is saying. And back the fuck up for a piece yo ass. Stand in the mufucking hallway,” I spat pushing Corey back again. One more time and I was laying his ass the fuck out.

Running a hand through her hair, Meka’s breathing began to pick up. She looked nervous as hell, and my palm started to itch. Either I was about to score on some money or somebody was about to lose their life.

Rolling her eyes, Meka looked at Corey like she couldn’t stand his ass. The same look she gave to her ex-nigga who stayed trying to clock her moves.

“I didn’t do anything stupid. You were the one who didn’t want a baby right now,” she answered, and I damn near broke my neck to look at Corey.

“A baby? Dreka was pregnant?”

“Yeah, and your dumb ass girlfriend made her lose the baby because she can’t stay out her fucking feelings. You killed your niece or nephew, bitch! All over some dick that doesn’t even belong to you.”

Corey was damn near foaming at the mouth. The mention of Dreka losing her child had my heart beating like a drum. Meka and I had been there before, but now I was trying to figure out what the fuck he meant by his last comment.

“The dick did belong to me. You just decided to be stingy with it,” Meka smirked.

Before I could say anything, Corey rushed through the door and began choking her ass out. They were tussling all over the room, and while I know I should have been helping a guilty feeling swept over me when my phone rang.

“Yeah?” I answered, and a gutwrenching cry came through the line.

“RASHAD! I lost the baby. Oh my gosh, bae. Please, I need you!” Dreka cried on the other end.

Closing my eyes, I released a deep breath. I couldn’t even be mad at Meka for fucking around on me, cause’ I messed around and got her sister pregnant after one hit of the pussy. I had a thing for sisters, but damn were they going to be the death of a nigga.  


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