Senful Sunday: Father's Day Edition

*This scene will not appear in Sen & Neicey, but was inspired by it. Enjoy!* 

“What’d you get Meechi for Father’s Day?” Neicey asked, wondering what Erica had up her sleeve this year. Meechi was a simple man, and would have been good with a card and a nice home cooked meal, but Erica always went all out for her boo.  

After stepping into fatherhood so gracefully, and demonstrating what a man should resemble to Daiya, Erica would give him the world had he asked for it. It was the morning of, and she couldn’t wait until Meechi saw his gift.

“I can’t tell you,” she giggled, maneuvering around the kitchen, belly leading her before her feet could.

“Girl,” Neicey laughed. “Yes you can. Or did you do the most this year?”

Erica peeked over her shoulder with a smirk, to make sure Meechi hadn’t followed her downstairs. “I tried not to, but you know how I get. I see one thing, and then boom! Shit goes left. I think he’ll like it, though. I know I do.”

Upstairs, Daiya was just waking up and was more excited than ever to get Meechi his presents. Climbing from her bed with a yawn, she moseyed to the bathroom and handled her business. After brushing her teeth, and washing her face, she ran down the hall to her parents’ room and knocked on the door.

“Daddy!” she squealed, just as Meechi pulled the door open.

“Good morning Princess,” he grinned, before swooping her up into his arms. “Ooh! Some still has fresh breath,” he teased, kissing her cheek.

“It’s your day!” she said grabbing his cheeks.

“It is. Let’s go find your mama, and see what she got me.”

Daiya looked at him like he was crazy, and shook her head. “What we got you. I got you something, too.”

Meechi smiled and shook his head. “Right. Let’s see what my favorite ladies got me.” That response put a smile on her face, and Meechi kept it moving down the hallway.

“He deserves it, though. I swear you, Aunyae, and Tesh lucked up with baby daddies,” Neicey laughed.

“What about Solai?” Erica chuckled.

“What about her? That nigga Juvie is missing a lot of screws. Nah, I’m playing. I can’t wait to see what type of father he is. Solai better be praying for a little boy. A girl is going to bring that nigga to his knees.”

Erica nodded her head, and turned around when she heard her crew walk into the kitchen. “I can only imagine how he’s going to act. Let me go though. Daddy just walked in the kitchen,” she grinned seductively, making Meechi lick his lips and Neicey gag.

“Yeah… that’s my cue. Calling that man daddy. You are not his child,” she laughed.

“You call me Papi, so who’s child are you?” Sen interrupted, smacking her on the ass and snatching her phone. “E, let my nigga know I’ll call his old ass later.”

“Sen said he’ll call you later, baby.”

“Hi Senny!” Daiya squealed. She loved her some Sensay.

“Let me talk to Dai,” he said more than asked.

“No. Ya’ll two get on my nerves and we are about to spend some family time. Bye.” Erica hung up the phone and slid it on the counter. “Happy Father’s Day, baby.”

Wrapping her arms around Meechi as best as she could, he leaned in and pecked her lips, and slyly gripped her ass in the spandex shorts she was rocking.

“Mommy. Where is Daddy’s gifts?” Daiya questioned, skipping around the kitchen.

“I swear you have created a monster. Any man who steps to her better know what he’s getting himself into,” she laughed, and Meechi frowned.

“She ain’t dating until I’m old enough to not be able to hold a gun.”

“So what about when she goes to prom, and has her first crush, or boyfriend? Then what?”

Meechi sucked his teeth and focused his gaze on Daiya. She was his entire heart. Some men never had a father figure in their life, but Meechi was thankful as hell for BM. Even while in jail, and before he went in, BM exemplified what a father, husband, and man should be and Meechi soaked game. Because of him, the ache in his throat became evident thinking about how he had almost missed this opportunity.

“Awww, babe. Don’t cry. No yet,” Erica cooed, walking up on him. “You haven’t even gotten your gifts yet. Dai, come on.”

“Don’t cry Daddy. They’re good gifts. Mine is better,” she said, grabbing his hand. “

“Ah yeah?” he questioned looking at Erica for direction. And she told him to follow her.


“Yep?” Erica questioned. “What is that? We don’t know that word.”

“Yes.” Daiya corrected. “I think my gift is better.”

Erica nor Meechi played about her not using correct grammar. They didn’t care what other children were doing, but theirs would always speak to them the correct way. Learning respect began with the parents teaching it.

“The garage? Maaaan,” Meechi laughed. “Let me find out.”

Erica chuckled softly, and she urged him to step inside. Flipping the light, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, especially not a brand-new ride.

“What? You passing me your truck down?” he laughed.

“Never. I love my truck, and apparently, you do to. So, I got you your own,” she beamed happily. “Open the garage door.”

Meechi’s heart began to beat wildly out of his chest. Of all the things Erica could get him, he was not expecting a brand new ride. Pressing the button, he held his breath and wanted to pass out when he saw what was sitting in their driveway.

“E,” he croaked out, not believing his eyes. “You dead ass bought me a Bentley Truck?! Get the fuck outta here!” Running up on her, Erica laughed as he squeezed her tightly and kissed her so hard, she almost fell. “A Bentley Truck, baby?! For real?”

“Yes, for real. I was tired of you driving mine, so there you go.”

“You gotta look inside of it daddy,” Daiya said pulling his arm toward the passenger door.

Erica hit the locks with the fob she had in her hand, before tossing him the set. The black Bentayga SUV with peanut butter insides was perfect for Meechi. Not only was it clean as fuck, but big enough for his family. A sports car was not in the plans yet. Reaching inside, he grabbed the blue gift bag with pink tissue paper, courtesy of his princess. Meechi could hardly contain his excitement. Though he was jumping for joy on the inside, and ready to break Erica off something so properly once they got back in the house, he had to be surprised for his baby girls gift as well.

“Matching outfits, Dai? Does mommy get one?” he asked, holding up his shirt that read Father of a Princess to match Daiya’s that read Daughter of a King.

“No. It’s just for us,” she said, looking up at him. Picking her up, Meechi tickled her stomach. She made him a card with her own persona letter, and a pack of Nike socks because she said he stayed leaving them everywhere. She assumed he lost them and needed more.

“Thank you, baby. I love them. I get to wear it today?”

Daiya nodded anxiously. “Mommy is taking you out for dinner, so you have to wear it.”

Looking over at Erica, she had this glow in her eyes that only a woman who loved a man so unconditionally could have. As Daiya rambled on, he mouthed an appreciative I love you, and she mouthed it back. Meechi was more than a father. More than one she had ever gotten to see set such an example. He was a strong black King, Daiya’s first love, her tear wiper, boogie man killer, and knight in shining daddy duty armor.

It made her heart swell knowing he was the man she’d be spending the rest of her life with, and raising strong black children with. He had beaten the odds that were set against him, and setting an example as the family man he knew he could be. Erica was already looking forward to next year’s Father’s Day, because they’d be a family of four then, and she couldn’t wait.

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