Sen & Neicey: Alternative Ending

This scene would have appeared, had I not loved you guys so much! Enjoy & share! 

Alternative Ending

(4 months after Sen was arrested)

Instantaneously, goosebumps covered Neicey’s arms when the line of inmates filed into the visiting area. Having not laid eyes on Sen in enough time to drive her crazier than she already was, Neicey found herself standing to her feet, but stopped when she felt a flutter in her stomach. A stomach that was growing bigger by the weeks. A stomach Sen knew nothing about, but he would shortly. Masking her nervousness, she gave him a shaky smile and silently prayed he wouldn’t show his ass and be thrown in the hole.

With a mug on his face, hair in a slick bun she knew he used water to accomplish, Sen still looked as fine as he did the day he went in. A little extra weight had been added on to his frame, but it wasn’t hurting a thing. Tightly, Neicey squeezed her legs together. Her hormones were a raging mess, and the sight before her had them going haywire.

“Will you stop looking so evil,” Neicey hissed, making Sen instantly grin and show all thirty-two teeth.

“This my signature look. Stand up. Give yo man some love, shit.”

Tugging on the bottom of her already lose tee, Neicey did as she was told. Pulling her into his arms, Sen dared a guard to speak on how long he was holding his woman in his arms. Getting reacquainted with her body as he did every time she came to visit, Sen trailed his large hands up to her neck, over her shoulders, down her sides making her squirm a little. Getting to her back, he massaged it lovingly, before gripping two handfuls of her ass and pecking her lips.

“Giordano!” A guard called out.

“Fuck out of here Jones. This all me.” Stepping back when he felt like it, Sen took her frame in and Neicey swallowed hard.

Cheesing, Sen licked his lips. “You getting thick than a mufucka, baby.”

Taking her seat, Neicey nodded. “Yeah… sure. Um, money is good.”

It was Sen’s turn to nod, as he sat. “As it should be.”

“No. Money is good, good. I spoke to Taylor a few days ago and…”

With squinted eyes, Neicey stopped talking when Sen leaned back in his chair. His face showed no amount of emotion to the words she was about to speak, and that alone frightened her. Nonchalantly, he shrugged his right shoulder before tightening his bun.

“And, what?” he questioned.

“What do you mean, and what? You can get out of here in a few more weeks if you sit tight,” Neicey spat, feeling herself growing annoyed by the second.

“Nah. I’m good. What you tell me before I got up in here? One days this street shit is going to catch up with you. Let me sit.”

“Are you fucking serious right now, Sensay? Please tell me you’re joking,” she pleaded on the verge of tears.

Sen sucked his teeth hearing the crack in her voice, and shook his head. “Yeah. A nigga done did so much dirt in his life, there ain’t no way I’m about to walk up out of here a free man. Maybe this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Leaning forward, Neicey smacked him upside the head. “Do you hear how dumb you sound? Shut up, okay. Taylor is getting you out of here, and you better bring your stupid ass home. I’ll be damned if I raise this baby by myself and have to come up here and visit you with my child.”

Head cocked back, Sen’s eyes grew wide, and his jaw tightened with a frown. “The fuck you just say to me?”

Rolling her eyes, Neicey crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m pregnant, and you’re sitting up here talking dumb. I swear I question whether Shaliya dropped you on your head when you were a kid or not.”

“Pregnant?” He said more to himself, before chuckling. “You ain’t no mufucking pregnant. Stop playing with me, girl.”

Standing up, Neicey stood by his side and grabbed his hand. Placing it on her round, firm belly, Sen snatched his hand back. “The fuck!”

Chuckling, Neicey grabbed it and placed it back. “I’m definitely pregnant. It took all the energy in the world to get out of the bed this morning and make this trip.”

Turning in his seat, Sen began to rub her belly with both hands. Lifting her shirt, he couldn’t believe his eyes. With a slightly bulged stomach, Neicey was going on four months. Wanting to wait until she heard good news from Taylor, she had decided to break the news to Sen, and had she known his ass was trying to stay in there, she would have told him a lot sooner.

“Yo, you fucking pregnant,” he said with humor, jumping to his feet. Squeezing her tight, he loosened his grip and gave her a chance to speak.

“I am. I honestly can’t believe it, but now you need to bring your ass home. I’m tired of sleeping alone at night. And I’ve been so horny,” she whispered, making Sen break out in laughter. Held tilted back, Neicey frowned. She didn’t find a thing a funny.

“I’m serious, bae,” she said with a pout, poking her lip out.

Getting serious, Sen took her lip into his mouth and they engaged in a lenghthy tongue kiss before Sen heard Jones calling his government out for the second time.

“I know you’re serious, but daddy got you when he gets home. What that nigga Taylor say it was looking like? Two weeks?”

Neicey nodded her head. “Four at the most. And if not, then. Well, some years.”

Their conversation ceased and Sen thought about what his life would be like missing out in Neicey’s pregnancy. The birth of his child, his family, but most importantly how Neicey would handle it all. He knew he had stressed her out so much through their entire relationship, and him getting locked up was a slap in the face. He did exactly what he promised her wouldn’t happen. Now that she was pregnant, he was hoping Taylor was going to come through in the clutch to beat this charge.

“I’ll be home in two weeks. If I’m not don’t even come visit me anymore.”

“What?” Neicey gasped, as tears filled her eyes. “No. Why would you say that. I’m coming up here regardless of what the fuck you saying,” she hissed. “You must have been in here letting these niggas who are doing life get to your head. You got me fucked up!”

Sen shook his head. “Neicey, no. And chill your ass out. You not about to be driving up here with my fucking child in your stomach. Anything could happen to you. Look at me,” he demanded when Neicey’s head dropped.

She lifted her head, and swiped a lone tear that fell down her cheek. “Stop crying. A nigga not getting no year alright. I said if Taylor on that bullshit. I’ma be home in two weeks and you can get all this dick. A nigga backed up anyway. Now wipe your face, and talk to me. You know we don’t crack under pressure. How far along are you?”

Doing as she was told, Neicey used a tissue to dap her face. Softly, she smiled and placed a hand on her stomach. She still couldn’t believe she was so far along already. “Going on four months. I swear you’re going to pay me back for stressing me out, Sensay. Who leaves their pregnant girlfriend like this?”

“Man. Your ass better not start crying, again. The hell wrong with you?” Sen fussed.

“I’m fucking hormonal,” Neicey sniffled, hating the symptoms the baby was giving her. She was super emotional now days, and could hardly stand it.

“You want some snacks from the vending machine? I know your ass be snacking,” he chuckled, making her do the same.

“Yes,” she said with a nod while grabbing some coins from the baggie she had.

“What you want?”

“Oreos, a bag of Doritos, and some skittles. Ooh! And a pack of donuts.”

Sen frowned. “What I’m gonna eat?”

Neicey chuckled. “We can share. Just get two packs of Oreos, though. You not about to bash my shit with your jail bird ass.”

Standing to his feet, Sen grabbed the change and kissed her cheek. “Haha, you got jokes huh? My baby done turned you into a comedian?”

“Nope. I been funny. I’m just a funny mama now, with a crazy baby daddy,” she smirked.

“Crazy husband. You a damn fool if you think you not getting wifed carrying my seed. Fuck you thought?”

Neicey couldn’t even reply. She never knew what to think with Sen’s ass. One thing she did know for sure though, was that she loved him and their unconventional relationship more than she did anything in the world. Well… almost anything. Her miracle child came first. She was going to ride for Sen whether he was doing hours, days, weeks, months or years in jail. The type of love they shared no one could come between. Not even some jail bars.  




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