Senful Sunday: October 1st

Sen & Neicey have been missing in action since she's been pregnant, but I dedicated this Sunday to them. Enjoy!

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“Shanice!” Sen hollered out as soon as he stepped in the house. After ripping and running all day, he was ready to eat and lay up with his baby for the night.

Walking out of their bedroom, Neicey moseyed down the hall and stopped once she got to the top of their staircase. “Yes, Sen?” A yawn then escaped her lips and Sen smiled.

“You were sleep? My babies got you wore out, huh?” Neicey rolled her eyes. He swore up and down they were having twins, but she wasn’t trying to hear that shit. It’d be just her luck to have twin boys and have to deal with three crazy ass personalities at once.

“Your child has me tired as hell,” she answered walking down the steps. Reaching the bottom, Sen pulled her into his arms. Letting his hands trail down her back, he gripped her ass cheeks with both hands and made them jiggle. Giggling, Neicey softly pushed him away.

“Stop. I’m too hungry to be playing with you right now. What’s in the bag?” Tossing her natural, black hair over her shoulder, Sen licked his lips.

Though he loved when she rocked her signature blonde bundles; he loved her natural more than anything. The pregnancy had her skin glowing like she was kissed by the sun on every waking morning. Sen was admiring her looks when a bright red mark on her neck caught his attention. Eyes bulging big as ever, he frowned and shook his head. Stepping closer, he yoked Neicey up by the big t-shirt she was wearing.

Smacking his hand away, Neicey backed up some. “Why are you grabbing on me like that? The hell is wrong with you?”

“What the fuck is this on yo neck, man?” Grabbing her chin, Sen forcefully turned her head to the side to examine what he now knew was a hickey. Neicey tried jerking her head away, and that only made him squeeze her jaw tighter.

“Sen,” she hissed through a clenched jaw.

Snatching his hand away with force, Neicey rubbed her jaws. “Why do you have a damn hickey on your neck? Make me ask your ass again.”

Neicey laughed, and Sen drew his head back like she had lost her mind. “Why do you think? We did have sex last night or did you forget.”

Scratching his head that was in need of another shampooing this week, he shook his head. Of course, he hadn’t forgotten. Pussy that good didn’t give you amnesia. His mind was in shambles as he walked toward the kitchen with Neicey following him. Of all the years they had been together, Sen could count on one hand how many hickeys he had placed on Neicey’s neck. Most of the time they were when he was playing around and biting her. They both knew her skin was much too light for him to be marking her up. That shit was unattractive.

Placing the food on the counter, Neicey went to see what it was but he slapped her hand away. “Don’t touch shit in this bag. Matter fact,” he said snatching the bag up. He placed it atop the refrigerator knowing she couldn’t reach it with a chair or step stool.

“You are so fucking petty. I just told you I was hungry.”

“Your ass gone miss every meal from this day forward if you don’t tell me how the fuck a bright red mark got on yo neck, fam. I ain’t playing with your ass. I don’t even suck on your neck. I be too busy sucking on your mufuckin pussy. So, you cheating or something?”

Again, Neicey laughed. “Babe…”

“Don’t babe me, mufucka.”

“Sen,” she called out.

“Nah. Sensay. We on first mufuckin name basis right now. I don’t know who the hell you are. Walking around with this shit on your neck,” he fussed, pulling his gun from his waist. Neicey wasn’t fazed. Had he taken the safety off she would have started talking.

“What you pulling your gun out for? You gon’ shoot me?” she chuckled.

“Shit. I might if you don’t start talking. Where you go today?”

“Ran by the studio this morning. You know that.”

Sen nodded his head. He did FaceTime her earlier that day, and she was in her office at the studio. “Yeah. Where else did you go?”

Huffing, Neicey rolled her eyes and walked over to the refrigerator. “You doing too much, Sensay. You put this hickey on my neck and now you’re playing dumb.”

“Doing too much? You got me fucked up,” Sen spat, before grabbing her by her neck and slamming her against the door. His gun was at his side, and he was trying his best not to put it to her head. “I’m not dumb, Neicey. You fucking around on me? I knew I should have killed that nigga Dex. He came by the studio earlier or something?”

Neicey pushed him away from her and grilled his ass. “Don’t be putting your fucking hands on me, nigga. Why would I cheat on your dumb ass? Huh?”

“I don’t know! Payback from all those years ago!” Running a hand down his face, Sen felt like killing a mufucka. “Shanice. On the real mama, just tell me who put this hickey on your neck. I won’t get mad.”

“You sure?” Neicey mumbled softly. Sen’s head shot up so fast she jumped back. “You said you wouldn’t get mad! Babe!”

“This why your hair down?! You never sleep with your fucking hair down Shanice! Stop playing with me,” he growled, taking the safety off his gun. Cocking it back, he aimed it at her neck rubbing the tip against the red mark.

Shanice stood still. The crazed look in his eyes had her shook. “Sen. Baby, it’s not a hickey. Get this gun off of me. You know you’re trigger happy.”

“Who put this hickey on your neck, Shanice. I don’t know if you trying to die today, but you already know what it is. I’ll kill you and the mufucka who put this on you.”

“While I’m pregnant? Why would you even say something like that?” Neicey frowned, with her top lip curled upward.

Sen rubbed the gun up the side of her neck. “Nah. I’d let you have my baby first, then shoot your ass. Think I won’t?”

“Back the hell up. You know how hot I get when people are too close to me now,” she fussed trying to push him away but failed. Sen grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight.

“So why would you let some nigga kiss and suck all on your neck. Yo! I swear you about to make me go the fuck to jail, Shanice. Why you wanna play with my feelings and shit, huh? If you didn’t want to be with me why you accept my proposal? I did that shit in front of all of our family, ma. And we got a child on the way and you wanna fuck around on me? What did I do? I’m sorry about leaving the toilet seat up. I didn’t mean for you to fall in, but you go and cheat on me?”

Neicey was chuckling and holding back tears. Ever since she got pregnant, she and Sen both had been super emotional. He was more in his feelings nowadays than she had ever seen him. Looking up at him, Sen was blinking away tears. The mere thought of Neicey fucking around on him had his mind going haywire. He couldn’t understand her actions right now, and they were usually on one accord.

“Sen, I’m sorry,” she said softly.

Grabbing her by the shoulders, Sen couldn’t do anything but grip her head in his left hand as he held her. If he let her go, there was no telling what he’d do. “Bruh, you really cheated on me?” His voice cracked, and Neicey shook her head apologetically.

“I’m sorry baby. It’s a joke.”

Sen’s grip on her hair loosened. Backing up, he peered down at her with a questioning gaze. “What?”

Neicey broke out into a fit of giggles. “The hickey; it’s not real. It was a prank.”

Jaw tightening, Sen tried pushing her off of him, but Neicey wrapped her arms securely around his frame and held him tighter. “Stooop,” she laughed as he began to walk with her clinging to him. “I was just playing.”

“Nah. Shut up. Let me see if this shit was a joke.” Grabbing a dish towel, Sen ran the hot water from the sink over it. Grabbing her chin, he tilted her head backward with care this time and rubbed the spot on her neck. Within a few seconds, the makeup Neicey used to portray a hickey had vanished from her skin and was on the damp towel.

Grinning, she looked up at him. “See. It was fake.”

“It better have been. You ain’t that fucking stupid,” he spoke lowly before tossing the towel onto the counter.

Pulling him into her, Neicey smiled. “I would never cheat on you, baby. Give me a kiss so we can eat.”

Puckering her lips up, Sen did as he was told. Biting down on her bottom lip, he smacked her ass before walking over to the fridge. “You ain’t getting none of this food why you trying to prank somebody. Jokes on you, huh?” he laughed grabbing the bag and setting it on the counter.

Neicey damn near cried when she got a whiff of the cabbage from his mama’s house. “Don’t play with me. As hungry as I am, I’ll fuck around and stab you for this food.”

Popping the lid, Sen looked at her. “Stab me for some food though, mama? Wonder what you’d do for this dick,” he grinned and licked his lips.

“I stopped stripping for the dick. Removed them bundles, got knocked up for the dick. Act a fool for the dick. Busting car windows and tires for the dick. Beat a bitch ass if she play about my dick. You a fool if you think I’d ever cheat on my dick.”

Smiling like she just professed her love in the best way, Sen stabbed some of the cabbages and held his hand out to feed her. “See, that right there is why I love you girl. Come get this food from daddy.”

Laughing, Neicey walked over to him and opened her mouth so he could feed her. “I love you too, with your crazy ass. And you better never think about giving my dick away. I’ll do more than bust some windows and car tires. Play with me if you want to.”

“Yeah, aight. Sit down and feed my babies.”

Neicey rolled her eyes. “Your baby. Don’t jinx me. I already can’t stand your ass.”

Sen just smirked. She could talk all that mess now, but he felt it in his soul that she was pregnant with twins. It was only right in his eyes.

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